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Aarthi Sri Shakumbari ji ki-Hindi BHajan

Aarthi  Sri  Shakumbari ji ki-Hindi BHajan

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“Shakambari Devi is considered a Symbol of Botanical Energy. According to the legends Shakambari Devi helped the living creatures to survive only upon plants and vegetables (shaka-ahar), when no water was available on this earth, for full long hundred years. Hence, she was known as Shakambari. The splendid form of Shakambari Devi is described in detail in Devi Mahatmya in the last chapter named 'Murti Rahasya'. The temple of Goddess Shakambhari or Shakumbhri, is situated in the Jasmour village area, at a distance of 40 km to the north of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh state. It is said that, at this place, Mother Goddess Shakumbhri killed the mighty demon king Mahishasura. It is also believed that, here she performed worship and meditation for 100 years, having a vegetarian meal only once at the end of every month. Another big temple of Shakumbari Devi is located in Badami, of Bagalkot District of Karnataka.”

1.Hari Om  shakumbari  ambaa ji ki  , aarthi keejo,
Iysi   adbuth   roop  hruday   dhar leejo
Sathakshi   dayalu  ki  aarthi keejo

1.Hari  Om Do worship  of the  mother Shakambari  ,
And take  her  wonderful form  in to your heart,
Do worship  to that merciful  hundred eyed  goddess.

2.Thum paripoorn   Aadhi bhavani ma, sab ghat  thum aap barvani  hai,
Sakumbari  ambaji ki   aarthi keejo

2.You are the complete primeval Bhavani   and you  have to yourself fill all the pots,
Do worship  of the  mother Shakambari 

3..Thum  ho Shakumbar  , Thum  hi ho Sathakshi ma,
Shiv moorthi   maayaa prakasi ma  ,
Sakumbari  ambaji  ki aarthi keejo

3.You are Shakambari   and you yourself   are the hundred eyed one  ,
Oh mother you  are  the luster  of the Maya  of Lord Shiva,
Do worship  of the  mother Shakambari 

4.Nith jo nar naari ambe   aarthi gave ma,
Icha poorn keejo  , Sakumbar darsan  paave ma  ,
Sakumbari  ambaji  ki aarthi keejo,

4.Oh Mother  to whichever men or women   sing  the  worship  of mother  ,
Please fulfill all their desires as they would get to see   you  Shakambari ,
Do worship  of the  mother Shakambari 

5.Jo nar  aarthi   pade padave ma  , jo  nar  aarthi sunave  ma ,
Bas vaikunt sakumbar  darsan paave  ,
Sakumbari   ambaji  ki aarthi keejo.

5.The person  who  reads or makes others read or that  person  who makes  others hear it ,
Would go to Vaikunta   and would be able to see  Sakambari  ,
Do worship  of the  mother Shakambari 

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