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Shiva Sthuthi in Malayalam

Shiva Sthuthi  in Malayalam

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(This is actually   a general prayer addressed   to Lord Shiva to remove our problems.  In    Stanza for there is a reference  made to  Lord Shiva  of Ernakulam (Ernakulathappan) . So it might have been written by  a devotee of Ernakulathappan.  If you want to know more about  this temple   do read - http://rajathathaskeralatemples.blogspot.in/2011/11/ernakulathappan-temple-of-cochin.html )

1.Shambho maha deva  Sankara  , Sri Kanda,
Chandra Chooda Bhaje  palaya  maam,
Ambinodendennude mumbil  vilanganam,
Kumbhi  mukha  hare  palaya maam.

1.Oh Shambu  , Oh great God  , Oh Sankara , Oh Srikanta,
I pray  Lord who wears  the moon , please protect me,
With love   you should come   and appear  before me,
Oh Killer  of   Gajamukhasura  , please  protect me.

2.Aaraanju  vanningu sevikkunnorkkellam,
Ayussu nalgeedum  Viswa nadhan,
Ikkandavakkellam  eesanaai  palippan,
EEsa neeyenniye Matharullu.

2,To all those who come in search to serve ,
The  Lord Viswanadha   would give  long life  ,
Oh Lord to protect   all these  people  ,
Except you   who is there .

3.EErezhulakinnu  veraai  maruvunna,
Parvathi vallabha  palaya maam,
Undoru  sangadamennullil  yeppozhum,
Gaureesa  Sankara  Palaya  Maam.

3.Oh Lord who is   like the root of,
The fourteen worlds  ,  please protect me,
Oh Lord Of Gauri   Oh Sankara , there is,
A sorrow always in my mind  , Please protect me.

4.Oonangal koodathe vannidum mruthyukkal,
Parathozhikkunna  Neela Kandan,
Eranakulam   thannil vanaruledunna,
Gangadhara jaya  palaya  maam.

4,Oh Neelakanda who makes  us,
Not see   deaths   which   come unexpectedly,
Oh Lord who carries the ganges   and lives,
In Ernakulam   victory to you, protect me  .

5.Yethoru karyam   thudarunnithinnu eppozhum ,
Maththu thuna  poththi  Thamburane  ,
Ivarkku   vannathaam   sangadam  pokkuvaan,
Veda  roopam poonda   VIsdwanadha.

9.Oh Lord who is worshipped   as help   for  ,
Starting   any activity   or effort,
Oh Viswanadha who took the form of a hunter,
To remove the sorrow which  came to Pandavas.

10.Orumayulla  jala dharakinnippol,
Upamayai   cholluvaan  Mathonnundo?
Orathe ulloru udhara   santhapathe,
Nasam varuthunna  Viswanadha.

10 .Is there  anything  that can be told ,
As comparison to unified   fall of water?
Oh Viswanatha   who   destroys  the ,
Unexpected  pain of   the belly  ?

11.Oushadhamayulla  dhara  yelkkuvaan,
Yushmala krupa  vannudhichedenam,
Anju  swayoomboonum  vevere koopuvaan,
Ayyo   yenikku   varam tharenam.

11.For  getting  wet  with the  flow of medicines,
Your warm grace   should come and appear ,
Also I   should be   given a  boon to see ,
The five self made  Lingas   separately  .

12.Ambili thellum aakasa  gangayum ,
Thumbayum chambalum bangiyode,
Shambo mahadeva Sankara  Sri Kanta,
Chandra choodam Bhaje  palaya maam.

12,Decorating beautifully with   crescent of moon,
The Ganges of heaven  , Thumba flower   and ashes,
.Oh Shambu  , Oh great God  , Oh Sankara , Oh Srikanta,
I pray  Lord who wears  the moon , please protect me,


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