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Panchakshara Keerthanam in Malayalam

Panchakshara  Keerthanam in Malayalam

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(This is a short  prayer of five  stanzas  , each stanza  starting with the letters of  Shiva Panchaksharam “Namashivaya”, praying to Lord Mahadeva  of the  great Vaikom temple  in Kerala,- http://rajathathaskeralatemples.blogspot.in/2010/02/vaikom-mahadeva-temple.html )

1,Naranayingane  janichu  bhoomiyil,
Naraka varidhi  naduvil jnan ,
Narakathil ninnu  kara krethidenam ,
Thiru Vaikom vazhum Shiva shambo

1.As a human being  I was born in this earth ,
In the  middle of   the ocean of hell,
You would make me climb out of hell,
Oh Shiva, Oh Shambu   who lives in divine  Vaikom.

2.Marana  kalathu  bhayathe  chinthichal,
Mathi marannu  pom  manamellam,
Manatharil  vannu  vilayaadidenam,
Thiru Vaikom vazhum  Shiva Shambo

2.When  we think about the   fear  at death,
The mind   would  forget  everything,
And so you have to come and play inside my mind,
Oh Shiva, Oh Shambu   who lives in divine  Vaikom.

3.Shiva  shivayonnum  parayaathalle  ,
Mahaa  maaya thande   prakruthikal,
Mahaa maya  neekeetu arulenam  Nadha,
Thiru Vaikom vazhum  Shiva Shambo

3.Oh Shiva, Shiva    it is not possible to tell,
The nature  of the Goddess Mahamaya,
Oh Lord   remove my great illusion  and bless me ,
Oh Shiva, Oh Shambu   who lives in divine  Vaikom.

4.Valiyoru kattil akapatten aham,
Vazhiyum kaanathe  yuzhalumbol,
Vazhiyil ner vazhi yarulenam,
Thiru Vaikom vazhum  Shiva Shambo

4,I got caught   in a  very big forest  ,
And when I was wandering  without  knowing the way,
You should   tell me   the straight path in that  place,
Oh Shiva, Oh Shambu   who lives in divine  Vaikom.

5.Eluppamayulla  vazhiye  kanumbol,
Idakkide yaru  padiyundu,
Padiyaarum   kadannavide  chellumbol,
Shivane kaanakum Shiva  Shambho.

5.Wherever I see   an easy   way ,
I find  often  six steps  ,
When I cross  the six steps  and  reach there,
I would be able to see  Lord Shiva, Oh Shiva , Oh Shambhu.

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