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Daily tamil prayer schedule of a Shiva devotee (compiled from Thirumurai)

Daily  tamil prayer schedule of a Shiva  devotee  (compiled  from  Thirumurai)


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(Tamil Saivism    existed  much before  the advent of  the great Guru  and reformer of Hinduism  Adhi Sankara. In  fact, In the great book  soundarya  Lahari , Adhi Sankara  Bhagawat  Pada   has made reference  to Thirujnana Sambandar .The principles of Tamil  Saivism    are  no doubt governed  by the four Vedas  but  they have summarized their philosophy  in a  great  tamil  book called  Saiva Sidhantha  .They also have  63 minstrels (called as Nayanmars)   who popularized their  principles  by  visiting  several temples   and singing  about  the Gods there in Tamil   . They also  established a  tamil wave  of devotion , which swept   all  over Tamil Nadu  and established  their own Mutts  to look after the principles  and temples  established  by them. This great  compilation of  how  every devotee   should pray   at  different times of the day  Lord Shiva  in Tamil   is given in  http://www.shaivam.org/pradaitg.htm .)

After  getting up  in the morning.

Potthi yen vaazh mudalaagiya porule,
Pularndathu poongazharkku inai thunai malar kondu,
Yetthi nin thirumugathu yemakkarul malarum,
Ezhil nagai kondu nin thiruvadi thozhuthom,
Chethidazh kamalangal malarum than vayal choozh,
Thiruperumthurai urai Shiva perumaane,
Yethuyar kodiyudayai , yenai udayay,
Yem perman palli ezhundarulaaye.

Salutations to you , who is the first meaning of my life,
The new day has broken and please grant me your smile ,
As a sign of your grace , when I salute and offer flowers at your holy feet,
Oh God presiding over Thiruperumthurai,
Which is surrounded ponds, full of open lotus flowers,
And where your flag of the bulls flies very high,
For my sake Oh God be pleased to wake up.

Before breakfast

Unakku  pani cheyya  , undranai  yennalum ,
Ninaikka  varamenakku nee  thaa ,
Mana kavalai neekukindra  thenmadhurai  nirmalane  ,
Yevv ulagum  aakkukindra  Chokkanatha.

Please give me  boons , for me   to serve  you,
And  think about   you  always for ever,
Oh pure one  of South Madhurai  who removes worries,
Oh Chokka nadha  who   makes   all the worlds.

Before lunch

Puzhuvaai pirakkinum   punniyaa , Unnadi   yen manthe  
vazhuvathu   irukka Varam thara  vendum ,
Yiv vayyakathe  thozhuvaarkku   yirangi,
Irundharul   chei   Padiri puliyur   chezhu neer   punar gangai  ,
Chenchadai  mel vaitha  thee vannane.

Even if I  who was  born  as  a worm , oh divine   God, you should give,
Me a boon so that  my mind never   slips away   from your feet ,
Oh God with  the  colour of fire , who keeps  the divine  ganges  on his red  matted  hair  ,
And who   is sitting   in Thirupathiri Puliyur   , show  mercy to those  who salute him.

In the evening

Idarinum  thalirinum  yenathuru noi  ,
Thodarinum   un kazhal thozhuthu  ezhuven,
Kadal thanil  amudhodu kalandha nanjai,
Midarinil   adakkiya  vedhiyane  ,
Idhuvo yemai aalumaru ,  eevathondru yemakku  illayel,
Athuvo   unathu  in arul   aavadu  thurai   arasane.

Even  If I  run in to problems   or become weak  or even if the disease that I have  ,
Is continuing , I would salute    your  feet   and then rise  up,
Oh God of the Vedas who  stopped   in his throat  ,
The poison that   got mixed  with  nectar  in the ocean,
Is this the way  that you   rule  , not giving anything to us,
Is this  your grace  , Oh king of Thiruvavaduthurai,

Before Dinner

Kuraivilaa  niraive ,  Guna kundre,
Koothane  , kuzhai kathu  udayaane,
Uravilen  unayandri msthu adiyen,
Oru  pizhai poruthal   izhivunde,
Chirai  vandar pozhil   choozh thiruvaarur,
Chempone  , thiruvabudu thurayul  ,
Aravane, yenai anjal yendru arulaai  ,
Aar yenakku  uravu  Amarar yere.

Oh completeness with out any draw backs, Oh mountain of  good qualities,
Oh king of dancers  , Oh Lord with   ear globes  in his ears,
I do not have   any other  relation except   you,
Oh red gold of Thiruvarur which is surrounded by gardens which imprison the  bees,
Oh  personification of Dharma  of  Thiruvavadu thurai,
Please tell me  “Do not get scared.” For Who  else are  my relations oh king of devas

Before going to bed

Van mukhil  vazhaathu  peika, mali valam  churakka, Mannan,
Kon murai   arasu  cheika , kurai ilathu  uyirkal  Vaazhga  ,
Nan  marai  arangal  Onga  , naththava  velvi  malga ,
Meanmai    kol  Saiva Neethi  vilanguka   ulagam  yellam.

Let   clouds of  sky   rain without fail,  Let  the  fertility  increase  ,
Let the  king  rule  according  to royal practice  , Let all beings live without wants,
Let Dharma  of the four Vedas  rise up, Let good  penance  and Yagas  florish,
Let the very great   tradition of Saivas  rise up  all over the world.

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