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Alavandhar’s Chathu sloki

Alavandhar’s  Chathu sloki

Alavandhar aka Yamaunacharya

Translated by

( This is a great  stota written by one of the greatest Vaishnavita  Acharyas  called  Alavandhar  (916-1041 AD). He was the grand son of the great sage  Nathamuni   and Pracharya of Saint Ramanuja.  He was the main person responsible for recovery  of the tamil  poems written by the 12 Azhvars   which was  known as Divya Prabandham.He was a great  philosopher in his own right   and has written several philosophical traits . This prayer is the foundation of the great Vaishnavite doctrine that   the God Vishnu and his Consort Lakshi  are together  are inseparable and one entity.
     This work  is one of the foundations of Vaishnavite  philosophy   and there  are several commentaries on it by several acharyas  of Vaishnavism.  Mine is a simple attempt to give the peripheral meaning. People interested in a detailed commentary  of this work are  requested  to visit http://www.ibiblio.org/sadagopan/ahobilavalli/catussloki.pdf )

Namo namo  Yamunaya  , Yamunaya  namo namo ,
Namo namo Yamunaya , Yamunaya  namo nama.

Salutations and salutations to Yamunacharya,
Salutations and salutations to Yamunacharya,
Salutations and salutations to Yamunacharya,
Salutations and salutations to Yamunacharya,

1.Kanthasthe purushothama, phani pathi sayyastham vahanam,
Vedathma vihageswaro yavanika maya jagan mohini,
Brahmesadhi sura vruja sadhsyadhisthwa dasa dasee gana,
Sri rithhewva nama theebhagawathi brooma kadam thwam vayam

1.With consort as the greatest among Purushas,
With seat and bed as the Lord of all snakes,
Riding on the king of birds who is the soul of Vedas,
With the bewitcher of all, the great illusion as your screen,
With Brahma, devas and saints as your attendants,
With their wives as your servants and with Sri as your name,
Oh Goddess, How are we supposed to speak to you?

2.Yasyasthe mahimaanaam athmana yiva thwad vallabhopi Prabhu,
Naalam mathum iyathaya niravadhim nithyanukoolam swatha,
Thaam thwam dasa ithi prapanna ithi cha sthoshasyaham nirbhayo,
Lokaikeswari loka nadha dhayithe danthe dhayam hey vidhan.

2.You are famous as the owner of all souls and your lord is Vishnu,
And there are many more things about you and you are always forever favourable,
And taking this in to account , this devotee surrenders to you and knowing
Your mercy on those who have become slaves to your grace ,
Oh Goddess of the entire world, Oh owner of the world, I am going to sing your praise.

3.Ishatth thwath karuna nireekshana sudha sandhu kshnanad rakshyathe,
Nashtam prak thadalabatha sthribhuvanam samprath ananthodhayam,
Sreyo nahyaravinda lochana mana kantha prasada druthe,
Sasthruthya kshara vaishnavad vasu nrunam sabhavyathe karhichith.

3.Within a second the nectar like side long glances of you always protects,
But they lose their wealth in these three worlds , once it is absent,
And without you , the darling of Vishnu who is subject to the lotus like glances of the Lord,
People will not be blessed with enjoyment of wealth here and salvation in the next.

4.Santhanantha vibhoothi paramam yad bhoohya roopam hare,
Moorthim brahma thathopi thath priyatharam roopam yadathadbhutham,
Yanyanyani yada sukham viharatho roopani sarvani thani,
Aahoo swarai anuroopa vibhavai gadopagoodani they.

4.Lord Vishnu’s limitless peaceful divine grace and form has been told,,
As  themost loveable and creates great awe even in the heart of Lord Brahma,
And thus with pleasure plays and roams among all forms,
And has been told by Vedas to be matching and intimate with your grace.

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