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Prayer to Subrahmanya , the Lord of Pazhani in Malayalam

Prayer  to Subrahmanya  , the Lord of Pazhani   in Malayalam

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(It is a peculiar fact   that in spite  of few   famous Subramanya temples  in Kerala , almost all  Keralites   have great desire   to visit Pazhani    and worship   the Lord Subramanya  there.  There is a very interesting story about Pazhani. It seems once   sage Narada  presented  a very precious mango fruit  to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Both their sons  Lord Ganesa  and Lord Subrahmanya    claimed   that fruit.  Lord Shiva suggested that  that  son who would go around the world first would get the fruit. While Lord Subrahmanya   left immediately  , Lord Ganesa  , just went round his parents  and claimed   the fruit, saying that Lird Shiva and Goddess Parvathi    are the universe. Te fruit was given to him. When Subrahmanya  came back and   came to know of the facts, he became very angry and   came to Pazhani , assumed the form of a mendicant boy and stayed   there.Though later   his parents pacified him,  Lord Subrahmanya   always stays there.)

1.Pazhani mamalayamarum shanmukha,
Parane pahi maam akilesa,
SAranamai   mama  varanam   thwalpada-
Kamalangalennum Pazhaneesa.

1.Oh  Shanmugha who sits   on the  Pazhani  mountain,
Oh greatest one, Please  protect me  , lord of universe,
Oh Lord of Pazhani  let your lotus  like feet,
Come forever   as my protection.

2.Udhaya bhanu than aruna  kanthi poal,
Vilasunna divya makutavum,
Smitha vadanavum mama hrudhi kaanamaan,
Arulenam   krupa  pazhaneesa.

2.Oh Lord of Pazhani  , you should shower  your  kind grace,
Mercifully  so that   your   smiling face  and your  divine crown,
Which spreads purple light like the rising   sun,
Appears within my  mind.

3.Duritha poornamaam   bhava  bhayabdhi than ,
Naduvil pettyu jnan valayunnen ,
Athil ninnu  yenne   nee kara  ketheeduvaan,
Arulenam krupa  pazhaneesa.

3. Oh Lord of Pazhani  , you should shower  your  kind grace,
So that  I who am  suffering  deep in the  middle of,
The fearful  ocean of Samsara which is full of sufferings,
Be  taken out of it  on the banks   and saved.

4.Thava pada   sevaa nirathanakumen ,
Nila vili kelppaan  oru naalum,
Oruvarillingu muruga, neeyenni ,
Gathiyarulenam  Pazhaneesa

4. Oh Muruga, Since  there is no one   to hear my anguished shout,
Of mine who is always busy   on the  service to your feet,
Oh Lord  of Pazhani you should   grant me an escape  from there.

5.Sathatham thaavaka sucharithamrutham,
Mathiyaavolam  may nugaruvaan,
Idayaukunnathinnu anisam,
Pada  thalir koopaam  , Pazhaneesa.

5,Oh Lord of Pazhani  , I would   salute  your lotus like  feet ,
For ever so that   I have a chance   to always   drink  
The nectar like story of yours till   I get completely satisfied  .

6.Anudhinam thava  madhura ganangal,
Ura cheivaan   krupayarulenam,
Karuna Varidhe, Thava   pada thalirugal,
Anisam   jnan koopaam  Pazhaneesa.

6.Oh ocean of mercy you  should be  kind enough,
To recite daily   the sweet    songs   that praise   you,
And Oh Lord  of Pazhani , I would without break,
Salute   your  lotus  like feet.

7.Harasutha  thava guna ganangal ,
Yingura cheivaan pani bhagwane  ,
Sukrutha karmangal anuvelam  cheivaan,
Varamarulenam  Pazhaneesa.

7.Oh Lord of Pazhani  , you should give us  boon,
So that without any break, we are  able   to do good acts,
And Oh God  it is a difficult   job  to tell  aboutm
Oh son of Vishnu, the several of your good qualities.

8.Duritha jalangal angakaluvaan  mama,
Tharane nin krupa bhagawane,
Phani vibooshithanaya   Shanmukha  ,
Thava padam koopaam Pazhaneesa.

8.Oh God   you have to give me your mercy  ,
So that the net of sufferings are  taken away   from us,
Oh Shanmukha who is decorated  by a snake,
Oh Lord of Pazhani, I would salute  your feet.

9.THava krupaamrutha   manisam yennude ,
Hrudhi choriyenam  BHagawane .
Athinayittu  anvaham adiyan  thavaka,
Pada kamalangal  paniyunnen.

9. Night and day I salute   your lotus like feet  ,
So that   sake Oh God you pour  always ,
The nectar   of your mercy   in to my heart,

10.Parane thavaga kada mizhi kan,’,
Yennaliyonileeku thiriyvan,
Iravum yennalla pakalum  Jnan thava ,
Pada  kamalangal   paniyunnen,

10.Night and day I salute   your lotus like feet  ,
So that oh greatest God , your holy side eyes
Turn towards    me, at least once.

11.nara janmam kondu saphalatha  nedaan,
Malina mohangal iyalaathe  ,
Bhuvi maruveedaan anisam  thavaga ,
Pada kamalangal  paniyunnen.

11,Night and day  I salute your lotus like feet,
For getting success   out of   this human birth  ,
For  always  living in this earth ,
Without dirty passions   in my mind.

12.Anagha , nisthula, sukhada   chinthayen,
Akathaaril nithyam   kudi kolvaan,
Akamazhinju   jnan Muruga  , Thavaka ,
Padakamalangal  Paniyunnen.

12. Night and day I salute   with all my mind , your lotus like feet  ,
Oh priceless one , Oh incomparable  one  , Oh Muruga,
So that  thoughts of pleasure  lives  in my mind daily .

13.Para dhanaagraham oru naalum   mama,
Manasi thonnalle   Bhgavaane  ,
Para dhara bramam oru   naalum  ,
Manasi   thonnalle  Pazhaneesa.

13.,Oh God let not  , the desire  for,
Other’s wealth ever  be  in my mind ,
Oh Lord of Pazhani   let me  not have ,
Any feeling for other peoples wives at  any time.

14.Athula  , nirmala  , muni janaa vali,
Yabilakshikkum   nal patimugal,
Kayari  thaavaga   savinathil yethaan,
Varam arulenam Pazhaneesa.

14.Oh incomparable one  , Oh  pure  Lord  ,
Oh Lord of Pazhani  , please give  me a boon,
To climb the steps    and   come before you  ,
Which is greatly   desired by    crowds of sages.

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