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Chith sabesa Dasakam

Chith sabesa  Dasakam

Sengalipuram Anantha  Rama  Deekshithar

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(This is a great prayer written by  saint Sengalipuram Anantha Rama  Deekshithar  in praise  of Lord Nataraja  , the presiding deity of  Chidambaram temple .  He is called Chith sabesa as  he is the lord of  the divine arena  of dance.)

Refrain to be repeated    after chanting  every stanza:-

Sri Chith  sabesam  Bhajeham-Deekshi-,
Thendrai  sumantharir mudaa poojithangrim.

I  salute  that  Lord  Nataraja    who is worshipped,
By  the learned  deekshithars  using  proper  manthras.

1.OOrdhwam   samuthksiptha  padam –dhoora,
Dhoorethi vegad adhikshiptha  kalam,
BHakthaa vanaayatha  soolam-dheena,
Palam dayalum  kapalam  dadhaanam.

1.He who has   raised one of his   feet  ,
Who kikcked and threw  god of death far far  away,
Who is armed with a trident   to protect his devotees,
Who looks after   those  suffering  people  ,
Who is nm merciful   and who holds  the skull bone  (I salute..)

2.Phale jwalath  vahni nethram –vyagra,
Padaa ahi sanyastha  bilwadhi pathram,
Govinda  rajaika  mithram –vyagra,
CHarmaika vasthram  , bhavani  kalathram.

2, He who has   a burning eye  on his forehead  , who,
Was worshipped  by Bilva leaves  by Vyagra pada and Pathanjali,
Who is the friend of Lord Govinda Raja, who wears,
Cloth made of hide  of tiger and wjose consort is Bhavani  ( I salute..)

3.Nethragni santhaktha maram –pada,
Moolena chaakrantha dushtaapasmaram,
Kande   lasath   sarpa  haram –Veda,
Saram   viraaham   jataa joota  bharam.

3.He who killed  god of love by the   fire   from his eye  ,
Who is pressing   the  evil god of epilepsy  by his feet,
Who wears   serpent as  a garland  , who is  the essence of Vedas,
Who is bereft of desires  and who has heavy  matted  hair. (I salute…)

4.Aardrabhisheka  Suvesham-divya,
Gandhabhishekena   thosam  jushantham,
Lokaathim   haari  pradosham- Brahma ,
Lakshmeesa nandheesa devarshim   nrutham.

4.He who has a great look during anointing at  Ardhara star,
Who gets  happy   if anointed with  divine sandal  paste  ,
Who removes the worries  of the  people   of the   world,
Who has Pradosham, and who dances with Brahma,
Vishnu  , Nandikesa   and sage Narada.(I salute…)

5,Yad poojaka , Bhakthi bhoothaa-basma,
Rudrakshamala suvasthrojjwalanga,
Drushtaa  punantheeha  lokaan-rathna,
Vaaghaadhi bhakthougha   sangeetha  keerthim.

5.I pray   that Lord   , whose worshippers   are pure ,
Have applied sacred ash, wear  Rudraksha garlands,
Whose  body shines   with the pure cloths  they are wearing,
And are capable of  purifying   those   who see  them,
And which lord   is praised  by several devotees  who were master of their speech.

6.Yad sannidhou praptha  punyaa  -sharkka,
Raannadhi  samstheerya   sarvanabhishtaan ,
Nithyam bhajantho  labhanthe  -kama,
Kotistha sanyasi   sudhyatha  moorthim.

6.I salute that  God  where  due to the blessed deeds done ,
Devotees have   spread  Chakkarai  pongal  to the lord,
And are   getting  their desires   fulfilled and which lord,
Is meditated  by the   sanyasis ., sitting on the Kama koti peeta.

7.Dakkodha   divyokthi nadham –bhaktha.
LOkougha papa apanodhadhi  vadham,
Yagavana  yoktha  Vedam  -saila,
Kanyaa vihaaram   rahasya  swaroopam.

7. I salute  the Lord who  makes  sound  with hand held  drum(Dakka),
Who  tries   to remove  the sins  of the crowds  of  his devotees,
Who  teaches  Vedas so that  Yagas   are protected,
Who plays   with daughter of  the mountain and has a secret form.

8.Thwath pada padmam smatami –Nadha,
Bhoothesa, Nruthesa roopam Namami,
Nasthikya dosham hara  thwam –sadhu,
SAngasya  bheethim  thadha  Nasayasu.

8.I meditate  on your lotus  like feet, Oh lOrd of Bhoothas,
Oh Lord of dancing and I salute    your form,
Please remove   the evil caused by atheism in this   world,
And also remove   the fear  in the mind of  saints and devotees.

9.Yadh darasanam janma bhagyam –moksha,
Linge cha anithyam   puro vruthim yasya ,
Yad vandhanam  dukha  Haari punya,
Magbhascha  gaangam  sirasyaa  dhadhaanam.

9.I salute  with bent head that  God  , getting a chance  for seeing hom,
Is due to blessed deeds  done earlier, in front of whom the linga of salvation is placed
Saluting whom   wipes   away  all the  sorrows and ,
Who  carries the   sacred  Ganga  on his head.

10.Stotram krutham Bhakthi bhootham –Deekshi,
Tha anantha Ramena sarvartha  sidhyai ,
Nithyam padantho janaa  ye-bukthi,
Mukthi labanthaam    natesa  prasaadath.

10  This  prayer   which  has been composed  with great devotion  ,
By Anantha Rama Dekshithar  would help  in achieving every thing ,
If read daily  by people   and  due to blessings of Nataraja,
They would achieve  prosperity in this world and later  salvation.

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I am very interested to get the sanskrit (or tamil) version of this shlokam for correct "Uchcharanam". Please share if you can. Namaste!