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Prayer to be recited while climbing Thirumala hills

Prayer to be recited  while climbing  Thirumala hills

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Lord Venkatachalapathy (Lord Of Venkata mountains)  lives on lat peak of the series of  seven peaks  called  Thirumala  viz  Seshadri, Neeladri  , Garudari, Anjanadri  , Vrushabhadri  , Narayanadri and Venkatadri  .Devotees  consider  that The mountains  themselves  are  God  and so , in his great book   called Jaya Mangala Stotram,  the saint Sengalipuram Anantharama Deekshitar has given this prayer   for  chanting  , when we step on that  golden hill, requesting the holy mountain to pardon us   for daring to keep  our feet  on that  holy hill.:-

Swarnachala  Maha Punya, sarva deva nishevitha,
Brhamadhayopi yam devaa   sevanthaa sradhayaa  saha,
Tham Bhavantham  aham  padbhyaam   aakrameyam   nagothama,
Kshamaswa thadagam   may adhya dhayayaa  papachethasaa,
Thwan moordhni kruthaavaasam  madhavam  daryasya  may.

English Translation
Oh very holy golden mountain , which is visited  by all devas,
Which  is served   by  Brahma  and others   with  great devotion,
Oh  best of the mountains , I am violating  you by  putting  my steps on you,
Please   with great mercy pardon me for that   sin  that I am committing,

Please be kind enough  to make me see  that Lord Vishnu  who is living on your top

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