Friday, January 29, 2016

Prayer for absence from widow hood

Prayer  for absence   from  widow hood

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(This is a great prayer   chanted  by Savithri , the wife of Sthyavan addressed to   goddess  Gayathri   to save  the life of her husband. The great Sengalipuram Anantha Rama  Deekshithar recommends  this stotra    to be chanted  daily  after  bath.)

1.Omkara  poorvike devi  , veena  pusthaka  dharini  ,
Veda  mathar  namasthubhyam   , avaidhavyam   prayachame.

1.Oh Goddess  with “Om”  prefixed to her name  , who holds  the Veena   and the book,
I salute   you oH mother of Vedas, Please  grant me the absence  of widowhood.

2.Pathivrathe  , maha bhage  , bharthruscha  priyaVadhini,
Avaidhavyam   cha  saubhagyam   dehi thwam   mama  suvruthe,
Puthraan pouthraanscha   saukhyam   cha  saumangalyam   dehi may.

2.Oh Goddess who is dedicated to her husband  , oh lucky one  ,
Who tells   words   that  pleases  her husband   and who has made virtue  her penance ,
You please  grant me    absence of widowhood   and  all round  prosperity,
And also   sons, grand sons  , pleasant  life  and  auspicious  state.

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