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Varadaraja Stotram from Narada Purana

Varadaraja  Stotram from Narada  Purana

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(Here is a prayer   addressed   to Varadaraja  of Kannchi puram temple taken from Narada  Purana  .  This great prayer is addressed to the Lord presiding in temple at Thiru vehaa, which is near Kanchi puram. This lord is also called Yathokthakari(He who obeys what is told to him).There is an interesting story about this.
Once Lord Brahma wanted to perform Aswamedha (horse sacrifice) Yagna in the hill near Kanchi called Hastha Giri. Since his consort Saraswathi did not want him to do it, he took help from others. So the enraged goddess came as river Veghavathi(fast moving river) and wanted to destroy the Yaga. But lord Vishnu had decided to help Lord Brahma to do this sacrifice and so he assumed the form of a dam across Vegahvathi and stopped the waters. Vegha Sethu is that dam. This prayer is addressed to Lord in the form of this dam.
He is called Yathokthakari because once when one of his great devotees wanted him , he relocated from Kanchipuram to Thiru Veha, with his folded bed(Adhi Sesha ) .The  Sanskrit text  of this  prayer is given in 

1.Srimada Varadarajendra, Sri Vathsanga  Shubha pradha.
Thundeera mandalollasi   , thapathraya  Nivaraka

1.Oh  Lord Varadaraja  , who has Sri vathsa  on his body, Who grants  auspiciousness,
Who enjoyed staying  in Thondai mandalam*   and who  removes  three  types of sufferings,
                                   *An ancient kingdom of  Tamilnadu.

2.Sathyavrutha  kshethra  vaasi  sathya sajjana  poshaka,
SArga sthithiyupa samharakari   suguna   varidhi.

2.Oh Lord who lives  in SAthyavrutha(Kanchipuram)  temple, who nurtures truly  good people ,
Who does the acts  of creation, upkeep and destruction and who is ocean of good characters.

3.Harir hasthagireesana hatha  pranatha   dushkrutha,
Thathva roopa  sthvashtu krutha  Kanchipura  varaasritha.

3.Oh Hari  , oh owner of Hasthagiri mountain ,
Who destroys   the sins of those who salute you ,
Who has  the form of philosophy  
And who lives in the auspicious temple  made  by the carpenter  of heavens.

4.Brahmarabdha aswamedhaakhya  maha makha   supoojitha,
Veda vedhyo  Vegavathi   vega beethathma  bhoosthatha.

4.Oh Lord who was  worshipped in Aswa medha   sacrifice conducted  by Lord Brahma,
Who can be known by Vedas  and
Who has son Brahma   who was scared   of the flooding of Vega  Vathi *river.

5.Viswa sethur Vega vathi sethur  viswadhiko anagha,
Yadokthakari naamadyaa  yajna brud yajna   rakshaka.

5.Oh Lord who is a bridge  to the world , who is the bridge to Vega vathi,
Who is greater  than all   the worlds  , Who  is faultless ,
Who  has the name Yadoukthakari*, who receives the offering during Yajna ,
And    who is the  protector  of  Yajna.

6,Brahma  kundasanna   divya, punya   koti  vimanagha  ,
Vanaya pathyarpithahaya, vapasakhilaadhara.

6.Oh Lord who sits  on the punya koti vimana which is near  the fire place  of  Brahma,
And who has got the wet lips due to the vapas  of horse given by  lord  Brahma.

7.Varadhabhaya hasthabja   vana maalaa  virajitha,
SAnkha  chakra lasad prani    saranagatha rakshaka.

7.Oh lord   who shows  symbols of  protection  
And giving boons  using his lotus  like hands,
Who shines in the  forest garland, Whose hand shines  
Holding the   conch and the wheel,
And who protects   those who surrender  to him.

8.Yimam  sthavanthu  papagnam   purushartha  Dhayakam,
Patatho   srunvathaam   bhakthyaa  sarva sidhir bhaved   dhruvam

8.This prayer destroys sins and gives Dharma, wealth   and  fulfills  all desires,
If read   or heard   with devotion  and  would give all powers.

*see  introduction for explanation of these   terms.

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