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Vazhi vidu Nandi vazhi viduve-A tamil prayer

Vazhi vidu Nandi vazhi viduve-A tamil prayer
Give way Nandi , give way

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1, Vazhi vidu Nandi vazhi viduve,
Vaazhvil naangal valarnthu uyara,
Vazhi vidu Nandi vazhi viduve  ,
Vayyakam valara  vazhi  viduve

1.Please  give way , Nandi, please give way,
For us to grow    and become   great,
Please  give way , Nandi, please give way,
So that  this earth    can grow.

2.Yem piraan Sivanai kappavane  ,
Yella nalanum  tharupavane  ,
Ezhaikal vaazvil   irul akala,
Endrum   arulai   churappavane  (Vazhi vidu..)

2.OH Nandi who carries  our Lord Shiva ,
Who   gives   us all  prosperity  ,
You   who forever   showers  his grace ,
For the sake of  removing the darkness in the life of the poor,(please  give way..)

3.Neeril yendrum kulippavane,
Neyyil yendrum magizhpavane  .
Poyyillatha   vaazhvu thara,
Pongum karunai varidhiye  (Vazhi vidu…)

3.Oh Lord who daily takes bath in water ,
Who  gets great joy  daily in ghee  ,
Oh ocean  of mercy   which ebbs,
For giving us a  life   without  a  lie(please  give way…)

4.Undhan kombu irandidaye  ,
Umayaal   pagan  kakshi thara ,
Devar yellam arul  petharar.
Thenaai inikkum cheithi appaa..  (vazhi vidu..

4. In between your   two horns  ,
When the  consort of Uma   gives audience,
All the devas   got   blessed ,
And   this is a sweet news drenched in honey. (please  give way…)

5.Thediya palanai thanthiduvaai,
Thevar pothrum Nandi deva,
Vazhvil  valame  vandhuyara ,
Vazhi kaatti  amaithiduvai..(Vazhi vidu…)

5.Please  give us the  effect that we searched fr,
Oh God Nandi who was  prayed to ny Devas,
For   the life  to  grow and become  prosperous,
Please   establish a  sign board giving the way.

6.Nandanaar pothrum Nandi deva,
Naalum therintha vallavane,
Yem piraan arulai yemakkarula,
Yendrum thunayai   nirpavane.

6.Oh God Nandi who was praised by  Nandanaar,
Oh very strong one who knows  lot of things,
Oh Lord who are   always   standing near toi assist
The g ranting  of   the grace  of our lord to us.

7, pradosham endraal un mahimai,
Perithum veliyil    therinthidume ,
Devakku kakshi un moolam,
 Theriya  cheitha  periyavane.

7.It is wrll known to all that,
Pradosha means    your greatness,
Oh great one     who made  Devas,
 Understand   that  they can see the lord through you.

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