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Ayyaval's Subrahmanya Pancha rathnam

Ayyaval's  Subrahmanya  Pancha rathnam

Sridhara  Ayyaval

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(Sridhara Ayyaval was the son Sri Sridhara Padmanabha who was a high ranking officer in the court of the king of Mysore. But he was spiritually oriented and took his residence in Thiruvisainallur in the banks of river Kaveri. Much more about this great saint can be got from the web site

1.Sruthi satha nutha rathnam , shuddha sathvaika  rathnam  ,
Yathi hithakara  rathnam , yajna sambhaavya  rathnam,
Dithi sutha ripu  rathnam , devasenesa  rathnam
Jitha rathi pathi  rathnam  , chinthayeth skanda  rathnam .

1.A gem praised  by   hundreds of Vedas , the pure gem  with sathvic qualities,
A gem which looks after  sages, A gem which is praised during  Yajna ,
A gem  which is enemy to Dithi’s sons, A gem which is the  Lord ofDevasena ,
And a gem  which defeated  love god , I meditate on  the gem which is skanda.

2.Sura mukha pathi rathnam , sookshma bodhaika  rathnam,
Parama  sukhada  rathnam ,Parvathi  soonu rathnam,
Saravana  bhava  rathnam , Sathru samhara   rathnam,
Smara hara  sutha rathnam, Chinthayeth   skanda   ratnam.

2.A gem which is commander of devamy  , A gem which can teach subtle things ,
A gem which causes great pleasure , A gem which is the  sun of  Goddess Parvathi,
A gem  which was born in  thicket of reeds , A gem which kills  its enemies,
And a  gem which is the  son of Lord Hara , I meditate   on the gem which is skanda.

3.Nidhi pathi hitha rathnam , nischithadwaitha  rathnam,
Madhura  charitha  rathnam maanithangri   abja   rathnam,
Vidhu satha nibha  rathnam,viswa santhraana  rathnam,
Budha  muni  guru   rathnam , chinthayeth  skanda  rathnam,

3.A gem which does  good to Lord Khubera, a gem which  is the decided  one  ,
A gem  which has a  sweet story, A gem whose  feet  is worshipped ,
A gem which is equal to hundred moons, A gem which  looks  after  the world,
And a gem  which is  the teacher  of wise  sages, I meditate  on the gem which is skanda.

4.Abhaya  varada  rathnam  chaaptha   santhana rathnam,
Ibha muka yutha   rathnam , eesaa sakthyaika rathnam,
Shubha kara  mukha   rathnam , soora  samhara  rathnam,
Ubhaya  gathitha  rathnam  , chinthayeth   skanda  rathnam.

4.A gem  which gives boons and protection, A gem which grants  us children,
A gem which is with elephant faced God, A gem which has the power of Lord Shiva,
A gem which has auspicious  hands and face, A gem which killed  Soora,
And a  gem which shows the way  here and in heaven, I meditate  on the  gem which is Skanda,

5.Sujana  sulabha rathnam , swarna valleesa  rathnam,
BHajana sukhada  rathnam , Bhanu kotyaabha rathnam,
Aja   shiva   guru rathnam Chaad bhoothakaara rathnam,
Dwija guna   nutha  rathnam,  Chinthayeth skanda rathnam.

5.A gem easily got by good people  , A gem which is Lord of Golden Valli,
A gem which gives happiness  to those wgho sing about it  , A gem with luster of crore   suns,
A gem which was the Guru of Brahma and Shiva, A gem which has wonderful form,
And a gem which is  praised   by Brahmins  , , I meditate  on the  gem which is Skanda

6.Shanmukhasya sakalartha   sidhitham,
Pancha rathna  magha   vrundha krunthanam,
Ye padanthi  vibhavai  sputaanvithaa,
Sridarakhya  guru moorthyanugrahath.

6,Those who read   this  prayer of five gems,
Which drives away clouds of sins, which fulfills all wishes,
Would   shine with   all prosperity  ,
Due to the  blessing of  Guru Sridhara.

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