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Varanam Ayiram of Sri Andal

Varanam  Ayiram

 Sri  Andal 

Translated by

(This is  a part of the great  work called  Nachiyar Thirumozhi   of the great Vaishnavite   saint  Sri Andal.  She  was brought up by Nammazhvar another   great saint and fell deeply in love   with Lord Ranganatha . In this  portion she tells her  friends about her dream  in which she   got married to Ranganatha . In the ten stanzas   she makes   reference   to  the ten important   steps of the  marriage  ceremony viz

1. Reception of the bride groom (Mappilai azhaippu -Janavasam)
2. Announcement of wedding ceremony (Niscayatartham)
3. Dressing up bride by her sister in law (Nattanar kodi uduttal) 
4. Tying the protecting band called  Kappu(KAppu kattal)
5. Removing the obstacles (Pidissurudal )
6. The groom holding hands of the  bride (Panigrahanam)
7. Taking  seven steps together, wedding vows (saptapati)
8. Stepping on the stone (ammi midittal)
9. Offering of puffed rice (laja homam)
10. Visiting friends and relatives  and taking holy bath (Manjal neerattal )

Even today   it is customary   to sing this song  during marriages  of Sri Vaishnavas.  You can read it in Tamil   with Tamil meaning in http://godharangan.blogspot.in/p/vaaranam-aayiram.html  .You can hear it sung in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83GAMtA61WI
  It is believed that by singing this prayer   girl’s whose marriage gets postponed  can easily get married.)

1.Vaaranam aayiram  soozha   valam vandhu ,
Naarana Nambi nadakkindraan  yendredhir,
Poorana  pokudam vaithu , puramengum ,
Thoranam naatta kana  kanden thozhi , naan.

1.Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That  Lord Narayana   was walking around  the town,
Surrounded  by  one   thousand   elephants  and,
He is being   received by  with golden poorna  Kumbhams,
And   that the   town is   being   decorated  with  streamers.

2.Nalai Vadhuvai manamendru   naalittu,
Palai  Kamuku , parisudai  panther keezh,
Kolari Madhavan Govindhan  yenpaanor,
Kaalai pugutha  Kana  kanden   thozhi, naan

2. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That they  have fixed tomorrow   as the wedding day ,
And I saw   the lad named  as Madhava   and Govinda,
Entering  the Pandhal   decorated  by  betelnut trees.

3.Indhiran ullitta  devar kuzhaam yellam  ,
Vandhirundhu yennai  makal pesi mandhirithu,
Manthira kodi uduthi , mana  maalai  ,
Anthari chootta  kanaa  kanden thozhi naan

3. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That Indra and all other devas  have come,
And were  talking  about  me  to be made as a bride,
And   Durga  Devi made me  wear   new   auspicious cloths ,
And   the  wedding garlands .(sweet scented garland)

4.Naaal disai theertham konnthu   nani nalgi ,
Paarppana  chittarkal  pallaar   edutheththi,
Poopunai   kanni  punithanodu   endrannai ,
Kaapu   naan   katta kanaa  kanden thozhi , naan.

4. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That   several learned Brahmins   bringing  sacred waters,
From   all the four   directions  and sanctify it by Manthras,
And sprinkle  on me   who is a   maid   and  ,
Tied   my wrist  with a protective  band to  those  of the pure one.

5.Kadir oli deepam   kalasamudan yenthi,
Chadir ila mangayar   thaam vanthu  yethir kolla,
Mathhurayaar mannan   adi nilai   thottengum,
Adhira   pugudha  kana  kanden thozhi  , naan.

5. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
Pretty  maids carrying lighted  lamps   which were  shining like  sun,
Along with  pots  of water , receiving   that king of sweetness,
Whose   walking steps  were  making the earth  shake.

6.Maddalam kotta  vari sangam nindru oodha  ,
Muthudai thamam   nirai thaazhntha  pandhar  keezh,
Maithunan nambi  madhu soodanan vandhu   yennai,
Kaithalam  paththa kanaa  kanden thozhi, naan.

6. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That  with the  playing of drums  and booming of conches,
Below the pandhal which   was decorated with low   strands of pearl,
The killer of Madhu   who is my betrothed, holding my hands.

7.Vaai nallar nalla marayothi  manthirathaal,
Pachilai naanal paduthu   , parithi vaithu,
Kaichina maakali rannan  , yen kai  pathi,
Thhevalam   cheyya  kanaa  kanden, thozhi.

7 Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That when those with good voice  chanted  the  Manthras   from Vedas,
Spread  grass  all round the fire , offered  dry holy sticks to it
That   one came like  an angry elephant  , held my hands and lead me round the  fire.

8.Immaikkum   ezhezh   piravikkum  paththaavaan,
Nammai udayavan naaranan nambi,
Chemmai udaya  kayyal  thaal pathi,
Ammi mithikka  kanaa  kanden, thozhi , naan.

8. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,,
That  the  Narayana who is  our main stay in heaven and  in several births ,
And to  whom all of us belong , holding  my feet  by    his red tinged hand,
And  placing   it on the  grinding stone.

9.Varisilai vaal mukathu   yennaimar thaam vandhittu,
Yeri mukam   paarithu   yennai munne  niruthi ,
Arimukan achyuthan  kai mel yen kai  vaithu,
Pori mukham thatta   kanden thozhi naan.

9. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That   after   that my  brothers   with pretty   eye brows came,
Made me stand  near  the  sacred fire   in front ,
Placed my palms  on the  palms  of   the lion faced  Achyutha,
And    made  the puffed  rice  in my hand fall  in fire.

10.Kukumam appi   kulir chantham  mattithu  ,
Mangala veedhi   valam cheithu mana neer  ,
Angu avanodum   udan chendru angu aanai mel,
Manjana matta  kana kanden thozhi, naan.

10. Oh dear     friend   in my dream I saw,
That Kumkuma and cool sandal paste   were applied on us,
And  I along with him  went  round the   streets of the auspicious town,
Riding on an elephant  and then we were given a holy  bath.

11.Aayanukkaka thaan kanda   kanaavinai,
Veyar pugazh    vill puthoor  kon kothai  chol,
Thooya thamizh malai  eerainthum  vallavar  ,
Vaayum  nan makkalai  pethu  magizhvare.

11.If these  ten verses   in pure Tamil   composed,
By  Godha  who is daughter  of  the king of Villiputhur(Nammazghvar),
Who is  famous for his writings  describing ,
The dream she saw  for marrying   the cowherd(Sri Krishna),
Are chanted, they would get good children and be happy.



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