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Arunachaleswarare vaarum(Tamil)

Arunachaleswarare  vaarum

Sathyamangalam  Venkatrama iyer

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(One visitor who introduced himself as  SAthamangalam Venkatraman    is said to have  composed five songs called   Sri Ramana    sthuthi Panchakam(five songs on Ramana  )  when he was in  Virupakshi cave .This is the   first song of those five songs. Interestingly   it  is similar to a  suprabatham  to Ramana as well as God Shiva   as Arunachaleswara. I understand the five  prayers of this  Pancharathnam are sung on Saturdays   in the Ramanashram.  I was attracted by its simplicity and am translating because of it)

1Arunan udithana aruna giri thannil ,
Azhagiya Ramanare  Vaarum,
Arunachalesare vaarum

1.In the red mountain   the early morning sun has risen up .
Oh Pretty   Ramana , please come  ,
Oh Lord of the   red   mountain  , please come

2.Chalai  kuyilosai   kalayir koovithu,
Sar guru Ramanare  varum,
Sambhavi  pakare  vaarum

2,In the road  the koel has sung  ,
Oh Guru Ramana who teaches  only truth please come  ,
Oh Lord  of Parvathi please  come 

3.Sangam olithathu  , tharakai mangina  ,
Ingitha Ramanare  vaarum,
Eesa suresare  vaarum

3.The conches boomed, the stars have dimmed,
Oh Ramana who  is very nice to us  , please come,
Oh God  , who is  the lord of Devsa, please come

4,Kozhikal koovina  , kurukgal iyambina ,
Nazhigai aachuthu  vaarum ,
Bodha swaroopare  vaarum.

4.The cocks have  crows, the birds are making sound,
The   time is late  , please  come,
Oh Lord  who has form of wisdom,  Please come.

5.Chinnangal  kakalam  perikai yarthana  ,
Ponnanga Ramanare  Vaarum,
Bodha  swaroopare  vaarum,
5.The auspicious Kakalas and Drums havr made sound,
Oh Ramana   , with the gold like body , please come,
Oh Lord  who has  the form of wisdom come

6.Kakamum karainthathu  , kalayum aayithi  ,
Naga baranare  Vaarum,
Nanjani  gandare  vaarum,

6.The crows have crowed, it has become  the n morn,
Oh Lord wearing snake as ornament , please  come,
Oh Lord who wears poison  on his neck, please come

 7.Karpanai ozhinthathu , kamalangal   alarnthana ,
Virpana  Ramanare  Vaarum,
Vedantha  roopare  vaarum.

7.Our thoughts  have disappeared, the lotus of wisdom has opened,
Oh Ramana   who is an expert , please come,
Oh Lord who has the form of Philosophy  , please come

8.Mukkuna rahithare  , mukthi naadalvore ,
SArguna   Ramanare  Vaarum,
SAntha swroopare  Vaaruym

8.Oh Lord without three qualities  , Oh Lord who rules over place of salvation,
Oh Rama blessed with good qualities , please come  ,
Oh Lord with a peaceful form come

9.SAthu chithananda  vadivinai   charnthidum,
Thathuva  rayare  vaarum,
Thaandava moorthiye  vaarum,

9, Oh king of true principles  ,
Who has the form  of true divine joy, please come.
Oh Lord    who has a  dancing form, please  come.

10.Inba thunba milla  ekantha  medayil
Anburu  kondore Vaarum,
Aananda mohanare  Vaarum,

10.Oh lord   who has taken a form of love ,
In the solitary stage   without sorrow or joy, please come
Oh pretty lord  , full of joy, please come.

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