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Janaki nath Sahay kare (Hindi)

Janaki nath   Sahay  kare (Hindi)

Saint Thulasidas

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(Here is a very popular  Hindi prayer   wriien by Saint Thulasidas .   You can also hear it sung in

1.Janaki Nath   sahay Karen  jab  kaun  bigad kare  nar theron?
1.If the  Lord of Sita were  to help , who ever can cause  trouble to you?

2.sooraj, Mangal  , Som  , Brugu sutha  ,  Budha aur guru vara dhayak  thero.
Rahu , Kethu   kee naahin gamyatha   sangh   saneechar   hoth huchero

2.The sun, the mars , the moon  , Venus, Mercury and Jupiter  would give you boons,
Rahu and Kethu cannot come near you   and along with them   Saturn would  also disappear.

3.Dusht Dussasan  , vimal Draupadhi  cheer uthar   kumanthar prero ,
Thaki   sahay kari  Karunanidhi   bad gaye   cheer ke bhaar   ganero

3.The Evil Dushasana  tried to take off robes  of Good Draupadhi  with bad intentions,
And at that time   the Lord  of mercy helped  her  , increased length of her robe and made it heavy
4.Jaaki   sahay kari  Karunanidhi   thake  jagat mein  bag bade ro,
Raghuvamsi santhan  sukhdayi  , thulasidas charanan ko   chero.

4.When the treasure  of mercy   helps some one, he has  great future in this world,
And that  lord of Raghu clan gives  happiness  to saints   and Thulasidas  is the servant of his feet.

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