Monday, August 31, 2015

Saran mein aaye hai hum Thumhari-Hindi Bhajan

Saran  mein  aaye   hai  hum Thumhari-Hindi Bhajan

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1.Saran mein  aaye hai hum thumhari,
Dhaya karo   hey Dhayalu  Bhagawan ,
Samhalo   bigadi dasaa  hamari ,
Dhaya  Karo  hey dhayalu  bhagawan

1,We have come    to surrender   at your feet  ,
Oh merciful God show us mercy ,
 Mange     the broken times  of ours,
Oh merciful God, show us mercy.

2.Na mum mein bal hein , na hum mein shakthi  ,
Na hum main sadhan  , na hum mein Bhakthi  ,
THabhi kahavoge   , thaap haari  ,
Dhaya karo   hey Dhayalu  Bhagwan.

2.Neither we have  power  , nor  do have  strength ,
Neither do have material, Nor do we have devotion,
And that is why I am telling , destroyer of pain,
Oh  merciful  God, show us mercy.

3.JO  thum pitha ho   , tho ham   hain Balak  ,
Jo thum hein Swami  , tho hum hain SEvak,
Jo  thum ho takur  , Tho hum   poojari  ,
Dhaya karo   hey Dhayalu  Bhagawan.

3.If you are the father , I am your  child  ,
If you are   the master  , Then I am your servant,
If you are my God, I am your priest  ,
Oh  merciful  God, show us mercy.

4.Pradhan kar dho mahan Shakthi ,
BHaro   hamare mein   jnan Bhakthi  ,
THumhare   dhar ke  hain  , hum bhikhari,
Dhaya  karo   hey dhayalu Bhagc=van.

4,Give  me the very great power ,
Please fill me with wisdom and devotion,
When compared   to your rate  , I am a beggar
Oh  merciful  God, show us mercy.

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