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The stotras praising 58 divine materials and temples

The stotras  praising  58 divine materials  and  temples

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(I found this great collection  of prayers in a  book called  Srimad Bhajanamrutham published by  Sri Gopala krishna Nama Prachara Sabha . The information given about the temples in the prayers about them  are really great .There are both Vaishnavite  /Shaivite temples as well as Temples    from all  over India.)

Here   are  a sloka  each about  several religious related  books, things   as well as  several temples  of India from a book called   Srimad Bhajanamrutham in  Tamil .

(There are 18  sacred  epics IN Hinduism. These  have been written (compiled ) by the sage Veda Vyasa.Ramayana is a separate epic which was  written by  sage Valmiki)

Aalodya   sarva sathraani  ,
Vicharya cha  puna puna  ,
Idham yekam sunishpannam,
Dhyayo  Narayana sadaa

They are mixture of all Sastras.
Which again and again discuss
And in one place  everything  has been brought out,
And  they  always think   about  Narayana.

(Ramayana  or the story of Rama was written by sage Valmiki .Hindus believe that it is the first epic written in Hinduism. Several versions as well as   translations   were later  made of this great book.)

Icchamo  hi   maha bahum ,
Raghu veeram Maha  balam,
Gajena  mahatha yantham ,
Ramam chathraa vruthananam.

I like very much  that long armed one ,
Who is the valorous one of Raghu clan ,   who is very  strong ,
Who is much stronger   than the  elephant,
And who is Rama over whom an umbrella is held.

 (Mahabharatha is possibly the greatest and largest book of Hinduism   and is the story of  the war between  Pandavas and Kauravas. This again was written by   sage Veda Vyasa.)

Ananyaschinthayantho maam,
Ye janaa paryupasathe  ,
THesham   nithyabhi yukthanam,
Yogakshemam  vahamyaham.

The   day to day   welfare of those people who worship me  ,
Without thinking about any other thing , would be taken care  of by me.


(This again another great  great epic written by Sage  Vyasa    after he completed writing the eighteen Puranas .Though it is the story of all the nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu, It deals  more extensively with   the story of Lord Krishna   and is more known as the story  of Krishna,)

NIgamakalpa   tharorgalitham balam  ,
Shukamukath  amrutha drava  samyutham,
Pibatha  bhagawatham   rasamaalayam,
Muhur aho  rasikaa  bhuvi bhavuka.

The power that oozes out  of  the  wish giving tree  of Vedas,
Has been mixed with  the nectar that flowed out of the mouth of sage  Shuka ,
And at every moment the connoisseurs are transported  to heaven.

(Lord Krishna   as a child   was left by his g father  in the house of Nanda Gopa   and Yasoda who were kings of cowherds. The fascinating place   where  Lord Krishna spent his child hood   is Gokula-the place of cowherds.)

Aho Bhagyam Aho Bhagyam ,
Nanda gopa vrujowkasam,
Yan mithram paramanandam ,
Poornam  Brahma Sanathanam,

The luck , the very great luck ,
Is flooding  the Vruja desa of Nanda gopa ,
And his friends  are  enjoying  great happiness,
Which  is complete and is as old as Brahma,

(Dasaratha   was the king of Ayodhya.Lord Vishnu took birth   as his son and lived in Ayodhya . Every dust of Ayodhya which must have come in to contact with  Lord Rama  is considered  as holy  by the Hindus.)

Sashtim varsha sahasarani  Kasi vaasena yath phalam,
Thath phalam nimisharthena  kalou  Dasarathe  purae.

The effect of living in Benares  for   six thousand years ,
Can be realized by living  one minute in Ayodhya during the Kali age.

(Benares  or Varanasi Or Kasi   is the holiest  town for the Hindus.The most holy temple of Shiva, which every Hindu wants to visit   at least once is located here.)

Aham Kasim gamishyami , tharaiva  nivasamyaham,
Ithi  bruvanastham  , Kasi vasa  balam labeth

If one takes a decision “I will go to Kasi and live there”,
Then he would  immediately get the result  of living in Kasi.

(Ganga   the life giver to is the most sacred  river in India.  Every Hindu wants   to take bath in its waters. Every Hindu wants  The water of Ganga   to be the last  drink that he takes before  leaving to heaven.)

Ganga ganga ithi yo brooyath,
Yo jananam   sathairapi ,
Muchyathe sarva papebhyo,
Vishnu lokam cha Gachathi
If any one tells  “Ganga, Ganga”,they would  get freedom,
From all  sins  committed by them and go to the  world  of Vishnu

9.Mani Karnika
(Mani Karnika is the Holy Ghat in Ganges and is situated in Varanasi. Here is a great Shakthi peeth ,It is the major cremation ground for Hindus in Varanasi.)

Viswesam , madhavam, Dundim ,
Dandapanim cha bhairavam  ,
Vandhe kasim  guhaam   , gangaam,
Bhavanim  Manikarnikam.

Lord  of Universe , Lord Krishna , Lord Ganesa ,
Lord   Subrahmanya    and Bhairava  ,
I salute  the heart of Kasi, river Ganga ,
Goddess  Bhavani  and the  Mani karnika.

(This is the place  in city of Allahabad  where rivers Ganga ,Yamuna and Saraswathi(an underground river) merges and flows further. A visit to Prayaga and a dip at the confluence of the river is  again dream of every Hindu.)

Sithasithe  yathra  tharanga   chamare ,
Nadyao vibhadarmuni   banu  kanyake ,
Neelathapathram Vata  yeva   saakshaath,
Sa theertha  rajo  jayathi  Prayaga

In the    fan of  the tides  of Ganga and Yamuna ,
The  river  of the daughter  of the Sun God is set free ,
And  it with his   dark blue colour   truly   mixes .
Let the king of sacred  waters  at Prayaga achieve  victory.

A series of eight temples  of Lord Narasimha is situated here .Devotees believe that Lord Narasimha killed  Hiranya Kasipu at this place .This is a great Vaishnavite  pilgrim centre ,. This is located in Kurnool district of Andhra  Pradesh.)

Aho veeryam, aho sauryam,
Aho bahu prakrama,
Narasimha  param daivam ,
Ahobilam ahobalam.

What a  great  valour, what a great courage
What a   great power of  his hands,
The Lord Narasimha is rge greatest God,
What  a great power in Ahobilam.

(A great  Rama Temple  built by h Bhadragiri Ramadas  is located  here. The temple is built on a hill top on the  banks of Godavari river. It is located  in Khammam district of   the state  of  Telengana)

Vamanga sthitha  Janaki parilasad, Kodanda   dandam  kare,
Chakram chordhwa karena  bahu  yugale, sangam saram Dakshine,
Bibraanam  jala jatha  pathra  nayanam  badradri moordhni  sthitham,
Keyuradhi vibhooshitham Raghu  pathim saoumithri   yuktham Baje,

With  daughter of Janaka  standing on the left, with  the stick of Kodanda  in his hands,
With the divine wheel in hands held high, with conch   and   arrows  on the left hand,
Shining  with eyes like  lotus leaf, standing on the  top of Badra  mountains,
 And decorated   by the crown on the head is Raghupathi  along with Lakshmana  and I sing about him.

  (This is another great temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha and is located in the city suburbs  of Vishakapatnam. )

Jayavithatha   sankalpa sathyakama  sanathana,
Jaya  Simhachaladheesa , jaya  deva namosthuthe

Bent upon victory  , loving truth  , who has been forever,
Is  the Lord  of Simhachala , victory to him , Victory oh God, I salute you.

(  This is a great temple city of Madhya Pradesh  with a  great history.The King Vikramadhithya   ruled the entire India   with Ujjain as capital .Mahakaleswar  one of the Jyothirlings in India in located here.Once in twelve years Kumbha Mela  is celebrated in this town.)

AAkase  tharakam ligam, Pathale hatakeswaram,
Marthya loke  MahakaLam ,lingathrayam upasmahe

I honour the three  lingas  viz the Linga  in sky which helps  us  to cross the ocean of Samsara,
The Golden God   in the nether world   and Maha Kala in the land of men.

(The Father Of Lord Krishna was a king of Mathura.It was here that Lord Krishna killed his uncle Kamsa. The city is almost full of temples of  Lord Krishna.)

Rajadhani  thathasaabhooth sarva yadava  bhoobujaam,
Mathura bhagawan  yathra  nithyam  sannihitho Hari

The capital and  where exists   the possessor  of   all Yadavas,
Is Mathura, where   the God   is present   daily.

16.Jagannatham (Puri)
   (Here in Puri is the great temple of Jagannath. The head quarters of Gaudiya school of Vaishnavism is located here..The temple has lthe idols of Jaganath, his sister Subadhra and his elder brother  Bala Badra .The famous Chariot festival is annually conducted   here.)

Jaya Krishna Jagannatha, Jaya sarvaga nasana,
Jaya leela daru roopa, Jaya abheeshta  phala pradha.

Puri  Jagannath
Victory to Krishna  who is  the lord of universe Victory to him who destroys all sins,
Victory to him who has a form of wood as his sport, Victory to  one  who fulfills  all our desires.

17.Gadikachalam ( Sholingur)
(Sholingur or Sholavandan  is in Tamil Nadu and on the top of a huge hill is the  Temple of Lord Narasimha. To  subside his anger after killing Hiranya Kasipu Lord Narasimha is supposed to have remained in a yogic pose  for 24 minutes(Gadika)  and that is why this temple is called  Gadikachalam.)

Gadikachala bhoobhage , gadikamapi yo vaseth,
SAptha janma krutham papam, thath kshanatheva  nasyathi

If one lives at least for   twenty four minutes in Sholingur
The sins that  he committed  in seven births would be destroyed in that  instant.

(The holiest of the holies  is the Mountain THirumala   at Thirupathi where Lord Venkadachalapathy has a huge temple  .The annual  income of this temple   is the largest in India..The God is called Balaji in noreth   and Yezhumalayan in Tamil Nadu  )

Venkadadhri samam sanathanam,
Brahmande  nasthi kinchana ,
Venkatesa samo DEvo,
Na bhootho  na bhavishyathi.


In this universe   there is nothing  ,
As ancient    as the  Venkata  mountains  ,
And there   is no God   equal to Venkatesa,
Either   in the  past  or in the  future.

(Pandharpur in Maharashtra is another great center   for devotion to Lord Krishna. They are  prefer to worship him in the form of the Lord Standing on a brick and holding  his hip with both hands  .The great book Bhktha vijayam  is mostly about devotees to Pandarinatha.)

Maa yatha  pandhaa, pathi bheema radhya,
Digambara  kopi thamala Neela,
Vinayastha haathobhi nithamb bimbe,
Dhoortha samakarshathi   chitha  vitham.

Without getting subdued   is that wanderer  in the streets of Bheema ,
Who has  a blue complexion as if he is dressed  in the sky  ,
And standing putting his hands   on his hips  ,
Would protect us  from evil people and would  gave us wealth that our mind wants.


(Kalahasthi is a very famous Shiva temple  near Thirupathi, dedicated  to Vayu.A lamp lit  in the sanctum with no windows  keeps on waving here .It is  also a  place where  Santhi for Rahu and Kethu can be done.)

Paschimapi mukham lingam ,
Sarpakara vasthitham,
SAkruth darasana  mathrena,
KOti janmaga  nasanam.

The Linga there  faces  west  ,
Whose body was  decorated by a serpent,
And   as soon as good man sees it,
The sins he  had done in crores of birth would be destroyed.

21.Kanchi(Vishnu kanchi)
(Kanchipuram is an ancient Indian city   and it has been told  “Nagareshu Kanchi”.It is a city full of great temples.The Vidshnu Kanchi is the place  of Vishnu temples .The most prominent  among them is the temple of Lord Varadaraja. Great Vaishnavite   saints were  born in this place)

Vapaa parimalollasa vasitha  dara  pallavam,
Mukham varada  rajasya mukdha  smitha  mupasmahe.

The Vaishnavite  part of Kanchipuram
I  worship  the  pleasant smiling  face   of the Varadaraja 
Who has  a scented   blossom of   great splendour   on his  navel .

22.Ekambaram (shiva Kanchi)
    (The shaivaite part of Kanchi houses  the celebrated Kamakshi temple  which also has the temple  of Ekamra natha. Thehead quarters  of the Kama koti Mutt of Adhi Sankara   is located  here.)

Kamakshi vallabham  devam kamaneeya kalebaram,
Ye namanthi krup sindhum thesham nasthi punarbhava

The Shaivite part of Kanchipuam
He  who salutes   the consort of Kamkashi, who has a pretty body,
And who is   the ocean of mercy, will not have   a rebirth.

23.Arunachalam  (THiruvannamalai)

(THiruvannamalai  or Arunachala Mountain is  the place where Agni Linga of God is situated..The mountain itself is supposed  to be God himself.Every Pournami day  Lalkhs of people do Pradakshina to the mountain.)

Darasanadh abra sadasi , jananath kamalalaye  ,
Kasyam maranaan mukthi, smaranath Arunachale

Seeing Chidambaram, Being born in Thirivarur, 
Dying in Benares and just thinking of Thiruvannamalai would lead to salvation. 

24.Sri Mushnam
(Sri Mushnam  is a small town in Cuddalore  district of Tamil Nadu.The God in this temple is Bhoovarahan.The God is in standing position and faces the wesr  but his face faces south.)

Nama swetha varahaya   Sri Mushna nilayaya  cha,
JIllikavana   vasaya   Sri Mushna   Brahmane   nama.

Sri Mushnam
Salutations to the   white Varaha  who is in  Sri Mushnam,
Who lives in the  forest of crickets and I salute   the  God of Srimushna

(Possibly the greatest Shiva temple in  Tamil Nadu.The Akasa Linga  is in this temple.The :Lord   stands in a dancing pose   and is called Lord Natarajar. Deekshithars  who have tuft inb front do worship in this  temple as well as maintain it.)

Chidamabaram ithi brooyath  sakrujjanana  varjitham,
Mukthi gandarava   padam , moksha  eva  na samsaya.

 If Good people just say once Chidambaram, they  will not have further birth,
And that  word  coming from throat would lead  to salvation  without any doubt.

(Lord Vaitheeswaean  of Vaitheeswaran koil in Tamil Nadu  is considered as the God of doctors. This temple is located near Mayavaram(Mayiladu thurai) of Tamil Nadu.)

Balambikesa  Vaidhyesa, bhava  roga harethi cha,
Japen  nama thrayam  nithyam  maha roga nivaranam

Vaitheeswaran Koil
Balambika   and king of doctors cure   the disease of  birth death cycle ,
If this is repeated    thrice with devotion   , all  great diseases  would be cured.

(Mayuram  or Mayiladuthurai is the place   where  the river Cauvery joins the sea.The God here  is called  Mayuranathar. The Goddess  appears as a peacock  )

Bhaktha abhayapradha karambubam Aadhi devam,
Mukthaa paragasith   charu pavithra   keethim,
Keyura hara  kadakadhi vibhooshanadyam,
Mayuranadha manisam  manasa  smarami

That primrval God   whose  lotus like hand gives  protection to devotees,
Is spreadsding   his holy and pretty fame escape and spread ,
And he is seen to wear   crown, garland, bangles and other ornaments,
And I  always think with my mind  that Mayuresa.

   (Madhyarjunam called in Tamil is Thiruvidai marudur   is one  of the seven biggest   temples  in  Tamil Nadu. The God there  is called Mahalingeswarar.It is located  in THanjavur district of  Tamil Nadu. Shiva is believed to have appeared as a flame to please Agastya and other sages who were performing penance. Shiva is said to have emanated from the heart of Parvathi. It is also believed that several other deities like Rudra , Vinayaga , Murugan , Parvathi , Kali , Lakshmi , Saraswathi , Brahma , Airavata  (the elephant of celestial king Indra ) and Vishnu worshipped Mahalingaswamy)

Souryena vaa  , Sankara  sevayaa  vaa  ,
SAthodhari  sangama  vanchaya  vaa ,
Pumsam ushithwa punar eka rathram,
Madhyarjune   nasthi   sareera  bandha.

Either due to Sun or due to service of Sankara
Or due  to wish to meet the  thin bellied one  ,
 If the people  stayed   again for  one more night,
In Thiruvidai marudur, they would leave their attachment to body.

(Kumbakonam is virtually   a city of temples in THanjavur district  .Unless you visit  the city possibly you may not be  even to able imagine   the several  mega temples there. It is believed   that when the Pot of nectar was being carried by the Devas they kept it in Kumbakonam. In that spot there  is a Mahamaha tank where  every twelve years  a Mahamham  is celebrated.  )

Yo nara Kumbakonesmin kshanardham api thishtathi,
Karastham thasya kaivalyam kimudhanya  vibhudaya.

Any man who happens to stay  in Kumbakonam   for more  than half a second,
He   would get in his hand   the salvation and what is the need for any other powers

30.Sauri Rajam
( This temple near Trichy town on the banks of Kollidam river  in a place called  THiru Anbil.)

Uthpalavathake ramyem,
Vimane pushkarekshanam,
Saurirajam  aham vandhe  ,
Sada sarvanga  Sundaram

Sundara  Perumal koil (THiru Anbil)
I salute   the king of king of the mighty ones,
Who is always   prettiness  all over his body,
Who is with   pretty forest  of lotuses,
And with tower  and sacred  bathing tank 

(This Shiva temple is  located near Sirkazhi of Tamil nadu,The town has three bog temples and three  scared water  tanks.The God in the Shiva temple  is called  Aghora murthy  , a very angry form of Lord Shiva.
NImisham nimishardham vaa,
SWetharanye vasen nara,
Vidhootha sarva papathma,
Shivalokam cha  Gachathi

If any human being lives in THiruvenkadu,
For a minute  or even half a  minute,
Would get removed  of all their sins,
And would go to the  land of Shiva.

32.Valmeeka Kshethram (Thiruvarur)
(Lord Shiva called as Thyagaraja   is worshipped  here  as Moola nathar   and his idol is referred to as  Maragatha  lingam.The consort of Shiva in this temple is called  Kamalambikai. The God is believed to perform Ajapathaanam  i.e dancing without chanting.)

Thyagaraja  maharaja sevaya kim labhyathe,
Yekam na labhyathe janma janani klesa karanam

Oh Thyagaraja , What do we get  by serving  a king,
One   thing you will not get which will be the cause
Of trouble  to your mother who gave  you birth.

(This place  in Tamil Nadu was earlier known as THirumaraikadu and has an ancient    temple   dedicated to Lord Shiva.Devotees believe that  after killing Ravana  lOrd Rama visited this place  to get rid of the sin of killing a Brahmin,.His foot print is preserved in a place called  “Ramar Padam” in Vedaranyam.)

Vedaranyam  Veda theertham   kotim cha manikarnikam,
Ramanatham vidangesam  skandam  , Kalyana  sundaram,
HUmkara Vignarajam   cha Veena vaadha  vidhooshinim ,
Chinthayeth  pratrhar uthaya   sarva papo upasanthaye.

The Sacred Veda water  of Vedaranyam is equal to  one crore Manikarnika,
As soon as you   get  up  in the morning  , if you think of ,
Ramanatha , Vida,Vidangesa(Lord of the skilful) , Subrahmanya  , Kalyana  Sundara  ,
Humkara  Ganesa, Then  all the sins  would get  calmed down.

(This referes to the temple town of Thirukadayur  near MayavaramDevotees believ that  the Devas brought the  pot of nectar(called Amrutha )  here and kept. The god is called  Amrutha Ghateswarar and the goddess is called Abhirami  ,Devotees believe that Lord Yama was killed by Lord Shiva in this place   to save Markandeya.)

Mruthyunjaya rudraya  , Neelakandaya  Shambhave  ,
Amruthesaya  sarvaya  Mahadevaya  they nama.

Salutations  to Lord who has won over Yama , Rudra , Lord with blue neck,
Shambhu, God of nectar  , Sarva as well as the  greatest God.

35,Thejini vana
(The Oppiliappan temple is situated  hin this place which is the part  of Kumbakonam. Oppiliyappan  meaning  a matchless form of God  is Lord Venkidachalapathy himself. He is also called as Uppiliappan because  in the kitchen of the temple  salt is not used. Those offerings within the temple are tastey but once  you come out you would feel absence of salt.)

Akasa nagareesaya  Panasaranya vasine  ,
Nethrarpana pureesaya  Thejineesaya  nama

Oh lord of the city of the sly   who lives in  forest of jack fruits,
Oh Lord of the city where eyes were dedicated to God,Salutations to God who shines.

36.Sri Vanchiyam
( This is the  temple of Lord Shiva  situated  in Thiruvarur district of Tamilnadu . The God here is called Vanchinathar  .Lord Yama  dissatisfied with his job is supposed to have done penance  here.It Seems Lord Shiva who was pleased gave him a boon that  though Yama takes the life, people would attribute to illnesses , accident etc andnever blame him.)

Sri vanchyesa dhaya sara Namasthe  bhaktha  vathsala,
Nama ssarvrvaya   they  thubhyam  Nama sivatharaya  they

Oh God of Thiruvanchiyam,  juice of mercy, Salutations  to Lord  who loves his devotees,
Salutation to Sarva , I salute  you Shivathara.

37.Pancha Nadam
(This is a temple town near Thanjavur called Thiruvayyaru as five rivers  flow through the town. The God in the  temple is called Panchanadheeswarar. The great Musical trinity  of Tamil Nadu  lived in this town.)

Panchapakesa japyesa, pranatharthi haredhisa,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam  Punarjanma  na vidhyatha

Oh Lord whose hairs are the five rivers, The Lord of chanting , The God who destroys suffering  of the soul,
Whosoever chants these  three  names   daily will not have another birth

38.Dakshina Dwaraka
(this temple town is known as Mannargudi and is near THanjavur , The presiding God is called as Rajagopalaswamy, This temple which is a  important Vaishnavite  pilgrim centre is referred  to as the Dwaraka  of the south.)

 Samvthsaram , shan masam  ,
Masam masardha  meva vaa  ,
Dakshina dwarka vasi  ,
Naronari chathurbujas

Either a year or six months ,
Or month or fortnight  ,
If men and women stay,
In the   southern Dwaraka  ,
They will attain the  four handed Vishnu

(Rameswaram  is a temple town situated  in the banks of the ocean.Lord Rama   after  killing Ravana  is supposed to have come back here , consecrated the Idol of Ramanatha Swamy and worshipped him. The Ambition of the devotees of the North India is to visit this temple  once in their life time. There are 64  THeerthas(sacred water wells) in the temple.)

Namo DEvadhidevaya  , Ramanadhaya  sakshine  ,
Namo Vedantha Vedyaya, Yoginaam  padha dhayine

Salutations to God of Gods who is witness to Ramanatha  ,
Salutations to him  who is studied by Vedas who gives the position of Yogi to us.

(This is the bridge  which was buikt by Rama   to  go to Sri Lanka.  The remnants  of the bridge   could be seen even now .)

Ganyanthe  pamsavo  bhoomou  ,
Ganyanthe  dhivi tharaka,
Sethu darasanajam punyam,
Seshenobhi   ganyathe  .

  Take notice  of the heaps  on the earth  ,
Take notice of the stars  on the sky,
The seeing of Sethu  is a blessed deed,
And this has been even counted by Adhi sesha

(This is the place Rama  did penance to the God of the ocean so that he can cross the sea.  When he did not come, it seems Lord Rama took his  Bow and wanted to n arrow at the God of the sea Dhanush kodi means tip of the  bow.)

Ramena yaa  kruthaa  regadha dhanusha kshara  sagare ,
Mukthi thath  darsana devas na jane snanajam balam.

The line was drawn by Rama using his bow  in the salty ocean,
And seeing it we  would get salvation  and even Devas to not know  the greatness of bath there.

42.Dharba sayanam
(This place   is the place where Lord Rama  lay down on a bed of Dhurbha to  do penance   to summon   the God of the ocean  . There is a great Shiva temple   with Emerald Nataraja in this place,.)

DArbha sayin namasthubhyam , garbha vasa  nivaraka,
SAmudhra raja garvagna . SAdhaa mangala dhayaka.

Ramanatha puram
I salute him who slept on Dharma, who defended living in the womb,
Who destroyed pride of ocean of the king and who always blesses  us with auspiciousness.

(This temple is located in tHiruperumthurai in Pudukottai districe of Tamil Nadu.Lord Shiva is supposed to be present as a LInga, as a formless  God and with a form of  tree in this temple. Only a seat of the LInga is seen in the sanctum of the temple. The Lord is supposed to be present here as Athma  and is called  Athmanathar.)

Athmandha  jagat swamin, Athmesa karunakara,
Arogyam dehi may nithyam, Dehi may sarva sanpatha.

Oh Lord of the soul , God of the soul, doer of mercy,
Give me health  daily, Please give me all prosperity

44.Anantha sayanam
(this refers to Anatha Padmanabha Swamy temple in Trivandrum, the capital ctity of Kerala. The God is seen sleeping on Adhi Sesha in this temple. The kinfg ofancore was   ruling Travancore as the servant of this God.Even todauy he   daily  visits the  temple)

SAhasra moorthaye  thubhyam . Anantha phani sayine,
SAhasra namne Haraye  . purushaya  namo nama.

Trivandrum Ananthapadmanabha Swami
You have one thousand form, Oh K Lord who lies  down on sepent Adhi sesha ,
Oh Lord Hari with thousand names, SAlutaion and salutation to Pusrusha.

(THiruvelveli Nellayappar temple is a temple dedicated  Lord Shiva in Thirunelveli town of Tamilnadu . The name of the Goddess is Kanthimathi . The temple is situated on the shores of Tambravarni   river .The  temple initially was in the  middle of a Bamboo forest  and so it was earlier known as  Venu vanam)

Venu gulma samudhbhootham, Thamraparni thatalayam,
SAlivaddeswaram nathwa, nara  Kailasa  bag bhaveth.

THirunelveli  ,
Oh Lord  who rose from Bamboo bush , who has temple in banks of THamraparni  ,
When I salute Nellaippar  , The Man would go  and participate  in Kailasa

(Halasyam   is another name for the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The God is known as  Sundareswarar  or Halasya nathar  .Halasya is  another name to Halahala  poison which came out of ocean of milk   when it was churned.)

Halasya  pura nadhaya, Neelakandaya  Shambhave  ,
Meenakshi  pathaye  thubhyam, namo Mangala DHayine

Oh Lord of  city of Madurai   who has a blue neck  and Who is Shambhu,
I salute you  the consort of Meenakshi, who grants  us auseciousness.

47.TRisira giri

(Tiruchirapalli  is another great temple  of Tamil Nadu.  On a hill top in the town   is the Mathrubhootheswarar   temple.On the hill there is also   a Ganesa temple known as Uchi pillayar.)

Mathrubhootheswaro devo, Bhakthanam ishta dhayaka,
Sugandhi Kunthalaa nadhaa Sankara Chandra Shekara

Oh God who took  the form of mother, who fulfills  the wishes  of devotees,
OH lord of Gooddess with sweet scented hair  , Oh Sankara  , Oh  Chandra shekara.

(In the Srirangam island in Tiruchirapalli town is another  great temple dedicated to Lord  Shiva. Since water  keeps on coming near the LInga , it is considered as Appu Linga .The famed Goddess Akhilandeswari is also situated  there.)

Kshethram Gajaranyamidham  pavithram,
Gathram punas thyakthvathaam   na gathram  ,
Gathram yadhi syath   thad yugma  nethram,
Gothrathma jalangrutha  vama  gathram.

In the temple of the elephant forest  which is holy,
Where the God  gave up his body and became  one with no body,
But had he been there  he  would have  pair of eyes  ,
And he had a pleasant  body decorated  by  The Goddess  born in high family.

49.Sri Rangam
(The greatest temple of Tamil Nadu Vaishnavites is located  in an island  created by two rivers  Cauvery and Kollidam. The deity  is called Sri Ranga Nadhar and is supposed to be the Idol which in ancient times    was worshipped  by Lord Rama. This temple again is in Thiruchirapalli town.)

Desanthara  gatho  vapi   dweepanthara  gatho  bi vaa  ,
Sri Ranga abimugo bhoothwa pranipathya  na  seedhathi

Sri Rangam
Whether we have gone to foreign lands  or  we have gone  to foreign islands,
We are in the habit  of facing   Sri Rangam   when we  salute.

(The holiest of the rivers in Tamil Nadu which is its life line  .gOddess Cauvery is also worshipped by people of Coorg   as their Kula Deivam)

Kaveri thoyam  masrithya  vatho yathra pravarthathe ,
Thad desa  vasinam  mukthi  kimu  thatheera  vasinam.

When the wind  blows in places where people depend on water of Cauvery,
The people living there  attain salvation , What of tose who live in the banks of Cauvery.

(The sacred ash which all Shaivites apply   as a holy and divine mark. Normally it o is prepared   by burning cow dung on Shiva rathri days.)

Vibhoodhe renu mathrena   sarvanga manu lepitham,
Roma roma bhaveth lingam , thath sareeram  Shivalayam,

Sacred ash.
Even if a a small particle of sacred ash is applied all over the body.
There would be Shiva linga in each hair pore  and his body would be temple of Shiva.

(Rudraksha  is  scared seed of a sacred tree  .It is used by followers  of Lord Shiva to wear as well as as a rosary  .)

Rudraksham masthaketh druthwa, nithyam  snanam karothi ya  ,
Ganga snana  phalam prapya muchyathe , na eka samsaya.

If one keeps a Rudraksha on his head   and daily takes bath  ,
Without any doubt whatsoever , he would get the effect of taking bath in Ganga


(These are stones  found in the river Gandaki in Nepal. Most  of the stomes are divine in nature and indicate a certain God.They are  used for Worship all over India.)

Aham  Pasupathischiva  Viswaruda  Sakalamara  ,
Saligrama shila chakre  nivasamo yadha   sukham,.

Salagrama  stone
Lord Shiva  , Lord Brahma  and all other  devas ,
Live in the wheel of Saligrama  with great  joy.

( This is a scared plant   worshipped by all Hindus. It is believed the plant is the earthly manifestation of Goddess  THulasi   who is a consort of Lord Vishnu.)

Yan moole sarva theerthani . yan madhye sarva  devatha ,
Yad kare  sarva vedamsa   thulasim thaam namamyaham.

Thulasi (sacred basil)
Since all sacred waters  are in its roots  , All devas live in its middle  ,
And since it holds all the  Vedas  , I salute the Thulasi.

(It is a scred tree dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gets greatly please  if its leaves are used to worship him.)

Tridalam trigunakaram , trinethram   cha  thrayayusham,
Trijanma papa  samharam  , Eka bilvam  sivarpanam

Bilwa(Aegle marmelos)
I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
Which has three leaves,
Which causes three qualities,
Which are like the three eyes of Shiva,
Which is like the triad of weapons,
And which destroys sins of three births.

(This is the holy tree to all Hindus.  Previously they used to be grown   in all Hindu villages  )

Moolatho Brahma roopaya , madhyatho Vishnu roopine,
Agratha shiva roopaya Vruksha rajaya they nama.

Peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa)
My salutations to the king of trees.
Whose root is the form of Brahma,
Middle is the form of Lord Vishnu,
And top is the form of Lord Shiva.

(The eleventh  lunar day is considered as   a day suitable   for penance by all Hindus  .Religios people do not take    food during that day.  There are very many stories about great devotees  who observed this penance.)

Shudham  BHagwathasya annam,
Shuddham Bhageerathi Jalam,
Shudham Vishnu pada  Dhyanam,
Shuddham ekadasi vrutham

Ekadasi (Eleventh  lunar day)
Pure is the food of a great devotee ,
Pure  is the water  of Ganga,
Pure  is meditation on feet of Vishnu,
And pure  is the penance on Ekadasi

(Bhakthi is devotion to God in Hinduism.)

Bhakthireva paramathma bodhini,
Bhathireva Paramartha  Dhayini,
Bhakthi reva bhava  bandha  mochini,
Bhathireva  janani kalou nrunaam.

Devotion is the only teacher  of  the great God  ,
Devotion   only gives you truth  ,
Devotion cuts of the ties of Samsara,
And Devotion is the only mother in age  of Kali.

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