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Maa Santhoshi Chalisa

Maa  Santhoshi  Chalisa
(The forty stanza prayer  of  mother  Santoshi)

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(Santoshi Mata  is possibly one of the very popular  Goddesses worshipped  once in North India but is now worshipped  all  over India. She was  not in the list of Goddesses in  the hindu religion  even  before 1960s .But  her story and method  of pleasing her by penance   spread all over India  by word of mouth.  In this Chalisa   she is mentioned as the daughter  of Lord Ganesa   through  his wives. The  hindi original   of this chalisa   is available

Vandhe santoshi charan, Ridhi Sidhi dhatar ,
Dhyan  darath hi hotha nar, dukha sagar se paar
Bhakthan ko santosh dhe, Santoshi   thava naam,
Krupa karahu  jagadamba ab, Aaya there  dhaam.

I salute the feet of Santoshi , who gives wealth and salvation,
And those humans who meditate on her  , cross  the ocean of   sorrow,
Please give happiness to your devotee, Your name is Santoshi(giver of joy),
Please take mercy on us  mother of universe, we have come to your home.

1.Jai   santoshi matha anupam,
Santhi dhayini, roopa manoram,
Sundar  varan , chathurbuja roopa,
Vesh manohar   lalitha anoopaa,

Victory to the incomparable   Santoshi Maata ,
Who grants peace and has a very pretty form,
You  with four  armed form has   become greatly pretty,
Your form is pretty and  you are incomparably easy  to approach,

2.Swethambar roopa mana haari,
Maa  thumhari   cchavi jag se nyari
Divya swaroopa   aayath lochan,
Darasan se ho   sankat mochan,

You have a form dressed in white which steals the mind
Oh mother   your image is  unique in this world.
She has a divine   form with broad eyes,
And seeing  her we would get  rid of all sorrow ,

3.Jai Ganes ki Suthaa Bhavani  ,
Ridhi  Sidhi ki  Puthri Jnani,
Agam   agochar   tumhari maya  ,
Sab par karo  krupaa ki cchaya

She is Bhavani the daughter of  Victorious  Ganesa ,
She  is the wise  daughter  of Ridhi and Sidhi  ,
Her illusion is inaccessible   and difficult to be seen,
And using  the shadow  of mercy  we can cross  everything.

4.Naam anek , tumhari Matha,
Akhil viswa hai thumko dhyathaa,
Thumne roop   anekon dhare ,
Ko kahi  sake charithr tumhare ,

Oh mother you have several names,
The entire universe is remembering you,
You assumed   several forms,
And no one would be able to tell your history

5.Dhaam anek   kanan thak kahiye ,
Sumiran  thava karke suk  layiye,
Vindhayachal may  Vindhya Vasini  ,
Koteswar SArawathi   Suhasini

Till  how long shall I tell the places of your temple  ,
By remembering you one  brings pleasure to himself ,
You  are  Vindhya Vasini   on the  Vindhya  mountain,
In Koteswar  you are Goddess  Saraswathi with a o pretty smile.

6.Kalkathe mein   thu hi Kali ,
Dusht nasini maha karali  ,
Samhalpur  bahuchara  Kahathi
Bhakth janoon ka dukh  mitathi

In Calcutta you are  mother Kali  ,
Who is  the seven tounged one who destroys evil people,
In SAmbalpur   you are called  as Bahuchara,
Where you destroy the   sorrow of  your devotees.

7.Jwala ji mein  Jwala devi,
Poojath nithy, bhakth jan sevi,
Nagar  bambai ki Maharani,
Mahalakshmi thum kalyani

In Jawalamukhi   you are  the Goddess  of flame,
And  by worshipping you daily you serve   your devotees,
You are  the queen of the   City of Mumbai,
You are the Mahalakshmi  who does good to it.

8.Madhura mein Meenakshi thum ho,
Sukh dukh   sabki sakshi thum ho,
Rajanagar mein thum Jagadambe ,
Bani Bhadrakali  thum Ambe.

In Madhura  you are  goddess Meenakshi  ,
And there you are the witness of joy and suffering of all,
You are  the jagadamba   of Rajnagar,
And oh mother  there you became  Bhadrakali

9.Akhil Viswa thera yas gaatha,
Kasi puiradeeswari matha,
Annapurna naam suhaatha,
SArvanand  karo Kalyani

Oh mother  of the city of Benares ,
The entire world   sings your praise,
And you take the  name of Annapurna there,
Oh Kalyani   , make every one  happy.

10Thumhi Sarada  Amritha vani ,
Thumhari mahima jal mein thal mein,
Dukh Daridra sab meto pal mein,
Jeethe  Rishivar  aur muneesa.

10.You are yourself Sarada  with nectar  like words,
Your greatness  in in water   and on the shore  ,
Within a second  destroy   all sorrow   and poverty,
And   you have won over great Rishis    and  god like sages.

11.Narad dev  aur Devesa,
Yis Jagati ke   nar aur  nari,
Dhyan darath hai mata   tumhari,
Vah patha  Bhakthi ka mothi.

Narada , Devas  ,and the king  of Devas ,
And the men and women of this world  ,
Are busy in meditating on you, Oh  mother,
And they all get   the pearl of devotion,

12.Dukh , daridra  sankat mit jaatha  ,
Dhyaan  tumhara  jo jan  dhyaaythaa,
Jo Jan tumhari mahima   Gave  ,
Dhayan tumhara kar sukh  pave.

To the persons  who meditate  on you,
Sorrow as well as poverty will vanish,
And those persons who sing about  your greatness ,
Would meditate on you and  get happiness  and pleasure.

13.Jo man Rakhe shuddha Bhavana ,
Thaki pooran kari kamana  ,
Kumathi  nivari  sumathi  ki  dathri,
Jayathi  jayathi mathaa  jagadathri.

If one  keeps pure thoughts   in his mind,
She would fulfill all desires,
Victory, victory  oh mother who nurtures the world  ,
Please  take away bad thoughts , oh mother of  good thoughts.

14.Shukra vaar ka divas   suhavan,
Jo vruth   kare tumhara pavan,
Gud  chole  ka bhog  lagave ,
Kadha   tumhari   sune sunave  .

14, The   day when it is Friday is great  ,
For those who  observe your penance  become blessed,
Who offer to you  the offering made of Jaggery  and bengalgram,
 And make other  people hear   your story.

15.Vidhivath  pooja kare tumhare,
Phir Prasad pave shubhakari,
SAkthi   samarath  ho jo dhan ko  ,
Dhan dhakshina dhe  vipran ko.

Those who worship you  according to rules,
And then get the  aurpicious Prasad( offering to Goddes),
Would  get  strength  and efficiency if  they give,
Their wealth   as a fee  to the  Brahmins.

16.Vey Jagathi  ke   nar aur nari,
Man vaanchith  phal paven bhari,
Jo jan   saran tumhari  jave,
So nischay  bhav se thaar jave.

The  men  and women  of this  world ,
Would get   the fruit  that they desire by the mind ,
And the people   who salute   your feet,
Would definitely   able to cross   the ocean of Samsara.

17.Tumhari dhyan kumara dhyave,
Nischai man vanchith var paave,
SAdhvaa pooja kare  tumhari,
Amar suhagin  ho  wah Naari

If a  maid   meditates  on you,,
Definitely sge will get a groom  liked  by her mind,
And if a married   lady   worships  you,
That lady would   always  live with her husband,

18.Vidhava dhar  ke dhyan  tumhare,
Bhav sagar se  uthare paaraa,
Jayathi jayathi jaya  sankata  harani.,
Vighna  vinasanamangal karni.

If a widow  meditates  on you  in this  earth,
They  would  get be able  to cross  ocean of Samsara.
Victory, victory , Victory to the destroyer  of sorrow,
To her   who destroys obstructions   amd doer of auspiciousness.

19.Hum par sankat hai athi bhari,
Vegi khabhar  lo math hamari ,
Nishidhin  ghyan tumaharo   dhayatha,
Dehi Bhakthi   var  ko ham matha.

19.On us very great  sorrow  rests ,
Please  take the news about  us quickly ,
Please give the knowledge  about you  day and night ,
To me   to me who is your sincere devotee , mother .

Yah chalisa jo nith Gaave ,
So Bhavasagar se  thar jave.

Those who daily  sing this chalisa(forty verse prayer).
Would easily be able to cross   the  ocean of Samsara.

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