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Arunagiri Nathar's Thirupugazh on Lord Dandayutha Pani of Pazhani

Thiruppugazh – Sri Arunagirinaathar

Translated and contributed by

Elango Kadhirvel

(This incident of Sri Subramanya Swami presenting the chanting beads (JapaMala) happened in the life of Saint Arunagirinaathar, the Composer of the Thiruppugazh)

Tamil Text
அபகார நிந்தைபட்டு உழலாதே
அறியாத வஞ்சரை குறியாதே
உபதேச மந்திரப் பொருளாலே
உனை நான் நினைந்து, அருள் பெறுவேனோ?
இபமா முகன் தனக் கிளையோனே
இமவான் மடந்தை உத்தமி-பாலா
ஜெபமாலை தந்த சற்-குருநாதா
திருவாவினன் குடி பெருமாளே!
Transliterated Text
abagAra nindhaipattu uzhalAdhE
     aRiyAdha vanjaraik kuRiyAdhE
upadhEsa manthirap poruLAlE
     unai nAn ninaindhu aruL peRuvEnO
ibamA mukan thanak kiLaiyOnE
     imavAn madanthai uththami-bAlA
jebamAlai thantha saR-gurunAthA
     thiruvAvinan-kudip perumALE

The LORD Who Resides at ThiruVaavinankudi (Pazhani/Palani)!
My Spiritual MASTER who gave me the japamala, Brother of The Elephant-faced Sri Vinayaka and the Son of the Daughter of Himavan (Goddess Parvathi)!
With the Aid of Upadesha mantra that YOU gave me, Will I always meditate on YOU and get YOUR blessings and be protected from not getting into the company of cunning people who do not follow the righteous path and get denounced for the harm I have done to others


About Pazhani temple
Sri Dhandaayuthapaani Swami Temple, Palani/Pazhani Town, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu
(472 KM from Chennai and 103 KM from Coimbatore, Kodaikanal is 64 KM away on the South of Palani)

Presiding Deity
Sri Dhandaayuthapaani (Dhanda –Ayutha-Paani*)/Sri Subramanya Swami
·         Dhanda – Staff/Cane
·         Ayutha – Weapon/Tool
·         Paani – Holder/Lord
*The Presiding Deity Sri Subramanya Swami Holds a Staff/Cane in HIS Hand
It is believed that the Lord is a Teacher explaining the uncertainties of life, correcting erring pupils to shed the natural evils of greed, lust etc.

·         The Temple and Hill finds mention in Literature, dating back to around 1500-2000 years
·         This temple is one among the six Padaiveedu’s (Battle Camp Temples) of Lord Sri Subramanya ie. The 3rd Padaiveedu
·         Palani has been mentioned in the Tamil Sangam Literature
o   In ThiruMurukaattruppadai (a Sangam Literature, by Saint Sage Nakkeerar) Palani has been mentioned as the 3rd PadaiVeedu

Bhogar Siddha/NavaPashana Idol
·         Bhogar is a Siddha, He is considered as one of the 18 Siddhas born in the world
·         Bhogar born at India and visited China in search of truth of life, he gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spirituality, yoga
·         Bhogar anticipating that in due course of period, human beings will suffer from large number of disease, being an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine, mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledge and skill, to make a Master Medicine (One medicine to cure all disease)
·         With the consultation of Sage Agasthya and other Siddhas, Bhogar mixed the 9 poisons (Nava Pashanam) and made the Master Medicine in the form of Lord Subramanya Idol, the Idol is currently worshiped at the temple
·         Bhogar decided that by using the Milk and Pancha-Amrutham (a sweet recipe) poured on the idol, one can extract the medicine from the idol
·         The Milk and Pancha-Amrutham then becomes medicine to cure disease
·         Bhogar went into Nirvikalpa Samadhi - the highest samadhi stage; where the Mind dissolves with Matter and Energy
·         Bhogar Samadhi is inside the temple at Palani Hill
·         Actually Bhogar himself constructed his samadhi exactly under the Lord Murugan Navabasha idol and went into Nirvikalpa Samadhi there. The entrance to his samadhi is a cave like structure (adjacent to the sanctum sanctorum)
Golden Chariot
Golden Chariot, at this Hill Temple and it is made using 4.73 Kg of Gold and 63 Kg of Silver

Pazham-Nee (You are The FRUIT)
·         The history of the temple begins from Mount Kailash with a mango fruit brought by Maharshi Narada
·         Child Subramanya left His parents and came to this place as He could not get the mango for not fulfilling the condition to get the fruit
·         Mother Parvathi did Her best for a compromise
·         Lord Shiva followed Him trying to pacify, saying that He (Subramanya) Himself was the fruit (pazham) of all wisdom and knowledge; nee – you
·         Lord Subramanya halted at this place
·         Hence the place was called “Pazham Nee” or Pazhani/Palani

·         Sage Agasthya wanted to take two hills - Shivagiri and Shakthigiri - to his abode in the South and commissioned his disciple Idumban to carry them
·         Idumban bore the hills slung across his shoulders, in the form of a kavadi one on either side
·         When he was fatigued, he placed the kavadi near Palani to take rest
·         When Idumban resumed his journey, he could not lift the hills for Sri Subramanya had made it impossible for Idumban to lift them
·         In the fierce battle that ensued, Idumban was killed but was later on restored to life
·         Idumban prayed that
o   Whosoever carried on his shoulders the Kavadi, signifying the two hills and visited the temple on a vow, should be blessed
·         Since then, pilgrims to Palani bring their offerings on their shoulders in a kavadi. The custom has spread from Palani to most Subramanya shrines worldwide

·         All the importance attributed to ThiruVannamalai Girivalam applies to this temple too
o   Girivalam, circumambulating the hill; is specially followed during the Agni Nakshatra time in peak summer
·         Thousands of devotees visiting the temple each day begin the worship from Girivalam during that time
·         The hill and land has the reputation of having great and divine Siddhas as its inhabitants whose heirs are believed to be still living in the places around the temple region

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