Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ithni Shakthi Hamen Dena Dhatha-HIndi Bhajan

Ithni Shakthi  Hamen Dena Dhatha
(Give  us this much power  , oh Lord who gives)

Sri Abilash

Translated by

(This remarkable very meaningful song in  Hindi film Aankush  has become extremely popular   as a Bhajan  throughout  Hindi speaking  Areas. The prayer   would definitely bring tears  in the eyes  of any devotee .It is interesting to note   that  nowhere  , the name  of any God  is  mentioned.)

1.Ithni shakthi   hamen dena dhatha, Man kaa viswas  kamjor ho na,
Hum chale nek   rasthe pe, hamse bhoolkar bhi koi bhool ho na,
Har tharaf  zulum bebasi hai  , sahama  , sahama sa  har aadhmi hai,
Paap ka bhoj  badathi hi jaye, jana  kaise   ye dharthi thami hai,
Bhoj mamata  ka thu, thu ye utha le , their rachana ka ye anth ho na.

1.Give us   this much power to us  , Oh lord who gives  , so that  the faith   in our mind does not get weakened.
We are travelling in the path of honesty and let not we do a single  mistake even by  mistake,
In all directions   crime and helplessness  are growing  and every person   tolerates  it  ,
The burden of sin keeps on increasing and I know not how  the earth is able to bear it  ,
You please lift away  the burden of the ego from  us  and  never ever stop  your creativity.

2.Dhoor ajnan ke ho Andhere,, thu hamen jnan ki  Roshni dhe ,
Har bhrayi  se bachke rahe hum , jithni bhi dhe bhali jindaki dhe  ,
Bair ho na kisi ka, kisi se bhavana man me badle ki ho na

2.Drive away the darkness  of ignorance  far away and you please give us the light  of wisdom,
We have been keeping away from every evil and whatever life you give , give us only  life of honesty,
Let there  not  there be enmity  with any one, let not thought to avenge any one  be there  in our mind.

3.Hum naa soche hamen kyaa mila hai , hum yah soche, kiya  kya hai ,
Arpan phool khusiyon ke bhante sabi ko , sab ka jeevan hi ban jaaye  madhu van,
Apni karuna kaa jal   thu baha ke, kar dhe pavan  har man ka kona.

3,Let us not think “what have we got?” but let us think “What have  we done?”
If we distribute   the  flower of joy to every one, the life of every one  would become a garden of honey,
Please   let flow the water  of your mercy  and  purify   every corner  of our mind.

4.Hum Andhere mein hai , roshni dhe,
Kho na dhe  khud ko dushmani se, hum saza paye apne khiye ki,
Maut bi ho  to  sah le   kushi se,
Kal jo gujara hai   phirse na gujare  ,
AAne vaala vo kal aisa   ho no,

4.We are  in darkness , give us light,
Do not  get lost  yourself  in enmity as we would be punished for our act  ,
Even if it is death, tolerate  it with joy,
Let whatever  happened yesterday  not happen  again,
And let the  tomorrow which is coming  be not like that.

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