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Thirupadai yezhuchi from Thiruvasagam

Thirupadai yezhuchi

Saint Manickavasagar

Translated  by

(The  war of the divine  army)
( The works  of Manikka Vasagar  the great  saint of Tamil saivism   is the first part of the Thirumurai  , the  key religious text of   Tamil Saivism. His works which are poems  written while he visited  various  temples of Tamil Nadu is called THiruvasagam. There is a saying in Tamil , that  he who does not melt before Thiruvasagam will not be affected  by  any other work,. Manikka Vasagar settled down in the temple town of Chidambaram .Most of his great work has been inscribed  on the walls  of the great temple  at Chidambaram,
   This twoi verse  poem  , which was written in Chidambaram  , makes him imagine himself as the commander  of the army    to win over the   travails of Samsara   and conquer  the world of Lord Shiva. .He tells them , what weapons to take and also instructs how the   army  formations have to fight.)

   You can hear it sung  by Dharapuram Swaminathan  in   http://redmp3.me/17709674/dharmapuram-p-swaminathan-thirupadai-yezhuchi.html     )

Prapancha por- The war of the universes

1,Jnana  vaal yenthum   iyer nadha parai  asraiminm
Manama  yerum  iyer  mathi ven kudai   kaviminm
AAna  neethu kavacham   adaya pugumingal,
Vaana oor  kolvom , naam  maya padai  vaaraame

1.Please beat on musical drum of the Lord  who holds  sword of wisdom,
Hold  over the lord the white moon like  umbrella  of wisdom,
Please  enter to   wear  the armour of the  divine ash,
And before  the  army of illusion  attacks us, we shall conquer  the  land of Shiva.

2.THondarkal  thoosi chelleer  , bhaktharkaal choozha  pogeer ,
On tthiral yogikale perani untheerkakl,
Thin thiral chitharkale kadai koozhai chelmikal
Andar naadu aazom , naam allarpadai  vaaramay

2.Oh  servants of  God , you march to the top of the front,
Oh Devotees  completely   surround the army,
Oh very learned Yogis , you lead   the great army,
Oh very able Sidhas as able as Vajrayudha, you   march in the rear ,
We would go and rule the land of Shiva without   any suffering.

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