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Sri Krishnasraya Stotram

Sri  Krishnasraya  Stotram
(Prayer  of Refuge to Krishna)


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 (This great   prayer  has been composed  by Sri Vallabhacharya who lived in between  1479 -1531  CE.He belonged to Andhra   and is the  founder  of Pushti Samparadaya(the path of grace)   of Vaishnavism    and  the philosophical approach called   Shuddadvaitha. In the court of King  Krishna Deva Raya  , he is supposed to have defeated   Many great philosophers and was awarded  the  title of Acharya. )

1.Sarva margeshu nashteshu  kalou kali dharmani,
Pashanda prachgure loke, Krishna yeva  gather mama

1.In this age  of Kali  when all methods   have failed,
And world is full of impious people following Dharma of Kali  age ,
Krishna   is my only  refuge/shelter.

2.Mlecha krantheshu   deseshu  papaika nilayeshu cha  ,
Sath peeda   vyagra  lokeshu  , Krishna eva   gather mama.

2.In this  country of barbarians  which stands  only for sin,
Where   good people are  being troubled, Krishna  is my only  refuge/shelter
3.Ganga theertha   varyeshu dushtairevavratheshviha,
Thirohithadhi deiveshu , Krishna eva  gather mama.

3.When the sacred waters  like Ganges is filled with  evil people  ,
And when  great  goods have   disappeared , Krishna is my  only refuge.

4.Ahankara  vimoodeshu  sathsupapanu varthishu,
Labha poojartha   yathneshu, Krishna eva   gather mama.

4.When pious people are filed with pride and are  living in sin,
And are trying to earn money through  worship, Krishna  is my only refuge.

5.Aparijnana nashteshu manthreshu  vrutha yogishu,
Thirohithathi deveshu, Krishna  eva gather mama.

5,When Manthras , penances  and yogic practices are utterly lost ,
And the gods have all disappeared , Krishna is my only refuge.

6.Nana vadha vinashteshu  sarva karma   vruthadishu ,
Pashandaika prayathneshu  , Krishna eva gather mama.

6,When due to  several type of arguments all action of penance are lost,
Due to the efforts put by barbarians , Krishna   is my only refuge.

7.Ajamiladhi doshaanaam  nasakonubhave sthitha,
Jnapithakhilamahathmya , Krishna eva gather mama

7.As you are known as   the destroyer of defects of Ajamila and others,
And as you are having a universal   uniform greatness, Krishna is  my only refuge.

8.Prakruthaa sakalaa   devaa   ganithanandaka bruhath,
Poornanandho hari sthasmath   Krishna eva  gather mama.

8.All beings in nature   and the devas  enjoy  limited joy  ,
But  Lord Hari is  one who is full of joy   and so Krishna  is my only refuge.

9.Viveka dairya  bhakthyadhi   rahithasya  viseshatha,
Papasakthasya dheenasya  , Krishna eva   gather mama.

9.I do not have  wisdom, courage    as well as devotion ,
And am attracted by sins nd wretched and si Kishna is my only refuge .

10.Sarva samarthya sahitha sarvathraivakilarthakruth ,
Sararthi  samuddhram, Krishnam  vijnapyamaham.

10.I am praying that Krishna   because  with complete ability,
He protects   all those   who completely surrender to him.

11,Krishasrayamidham  stotram   Ya padeth  Krishna  sannidhau,
THasyaa   asrayo bhaveth  Krishna  , ithi  Sri Vallabho abravith.

11.To those who read this prayer  of refuge to Krishna before Krishna,
Krishna   would become their refuge   says Sri Vallabhacharya.

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