Monday, August 31, 2015

Banwari re-Hindi Bhajan

Banwari  re-Hindi Bhajan 
(Ok Krishna who lives  in forest.)

Translated by

1.Jeena ka  sahara    thera  naam re,
Mujhe   duniya valom se  kya kam re

1.Your name   is the help which  makes me live ,
What  have I to do with  people of this world.

2.Jooti dhuniya, joote bandhan  , jooti hai ye maya,
Joota sans   ka aana jaanaa , jooti hai ye kaya ,
Oh  ., yaham   saanch thera  naam re  , Banwari re

2.False earth , false ties  , this  illusion is false  ,
False inhaling and exhaling , This  body itself is false ,
Hey, the only thing that  is truth  here is your name, Hey Lord who lives in the forest.

3.Rang main there   rang gaye  giridhar  , chod dhiya jag saaraa,
Ban gaye  there prem se jogi , le ke man yek thara  ,
O, Muje pyara   theraa  dham re  , Banwari re.

3.Oh lifter  of the mountain , in my colour  , your colour got mixed up  , I have left   the entire world ,
I became a Yogi because of my love towards  you , taking in my mind the one s
tringed  lute,
Oh Lord,   I deeply like   your residence  , Oh Lord who lives in forests.

4.Darsan thera   jis dhin  pavoom  , har chintha mit jaaye,
Jeevan mera   yin charanom mey   aas ke jyoth lagaye  ,
Om Meri  Baamhein  pakad lo  , Shyam re  , Banwari re

4,On the day that I am able to see  you  , all my worries   would be powdered,
My life  is on your feet  , please light up my hopes ,
Oh Lord Hold my arms, Oh Lord   who is black, Oh Lord   who lives in forest.

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