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Dhanadha devi Kavacha -Armour of the Goddess who is giver of wealth.

Dhanadha  devi  Kavacha
(Armour of the Goddess   who is giver of wealth) 

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(Dhandha  Devi is the thanthric form of Goddess  Lakshmi  .Chanting this Kavacha  three times a day for  36 days  is supposed to please  Goddess Lakshmi   and increase   your wealth. THe sanskrit original  of this Kavacha is available  in )

Sri Devyuvacha:-
Dhanadhaya   maha vidhyaa   kadithaan  prakasithaa ,
Idhaneem srothumichami    Kavacham poorva soochitham

The Goddess  asked:-
1.The great knowledge  of Dhandha devi    has been  earlier  made public ,
And I wish to hear  that Armour as indicated by  you  earlier.

Sri Shiva Uvacha  :-
2.Srunu  Devi pravachami   kavacham   manthra vigraham,
Saarath saratharam   devi  kavacham  man mukhditham,
3.Dhanadhaa  kavachasyasyaa   Kubhere   Rishir itha  ,
Panditha chandhi   devathecha  Dhanadhaa   sidhidhaa  sadaa

Lord Shiva said:-
2-3.Oh Goddess Please hear   the armour  which I would be reciting ,
Which is a personification of Manthra,
Which is meaning  of Meanings  .
For the armour of giver of wealth  , Khubera  is  the sage  ,
The Meter is Panditha  , The Dhanadha is the  God addressed for  powers.

4.Dharmartha kama   moksheshu   viniyoga prakeerthathe  ,
,Dham bheejam   may Sira pahi  , Hreem bheeja,   may lalatakam,

4.For the sake of getting Dharma  , wishes and salvayion, I start  the chant.
The the root “Dham “ protect my head . Let the root “Hreem” protect my forehead ,

5. Sreem bheejam   may  mukham pathu, rakaram hrudhi may aavathu.
THikaram pathu jataram  Prikaram  Prushtatho aavathu

5.Let the root “Sreem”  protect my face  and let letter  “ra”  protect my heart.,
Let letter  “Thi” protect  my stomach    and letter “Pri” protect my back.

6.Yekaaram   jangayor yugme  ,swakaaram prushtthovathu,
Seershadhi   padha paryantham   ha kaaram sarvatho avathu.

6,Let the letter “Ye” protect both my thighs , Let letter “swa” protect my back,
Let letter “Ha” protect me   from head to foot.

7.Ithyeythath kaditham  Kanthe  kavacham sarva sidhidham,
Guroomamyarchya   vidhivath  kavacham prapadedhyadhi

7.This oh my darling   is the armour   which will give all powers,
You now worship your teacer  and  read the  armour again as per rule,

8,Satha varsha sahasraanaam    poojaaya  phalamapnuyath,
Guru poojaam   vinaa devi   nahi sidhi poojapathe.

8.You would also get   the  result of worship done for  hundred thousand years,
And Oh Goddess , without the woship of Guru , the goddess of worship would not allow  you  to get powers.

9.Guru  pooja puro bhoothva   kavacham   prapadethama  ,
SArva sidhi   yuthor bhoothwa   vicharau  dwairavo  yadhaa

9.After completing the worship of the Guru    the armour has to be chanted properly,
After getting all the powers  , the thoughts   have to be repeated   twice,

10.Pratha kale padedhyasthu   manthra jaapa    pura saram,
So abheeshta   phalamapnothio, sathgyam sathyam na samasyaya.

10.It is without any doubt whatsoever   the truth   that  all desires  would be fulfilled ,
If this is read    in the morning along with the chanting of the  manthra.

11.Poojakale padedhyasthu   devim dhyathwa   Hrudhyambuje ,
Shan masabhyanthare  sidhi nathra   karya vicharana,

11.If this is read at the time of worship, meditating on the Goddess,
Within six months  , you need not think any more about powers.

12,SAyamkale padedhyasthu    sa shivo naathra  samsaya  ,
Boorje vilikhya   gutikaam   swarnasthaam   dhareyethyadhi.

12.If it  is  read   in the evening  without any dubt , Lord shiva would be with him,
And it can be written on palm leaf , put in a golden talisman and worn.

13.Purusho DAkshine vaahou  , yoshiddhama   buja thadhaa ,
Sarva sidhi yutho   bhoothva   Dhanavan o puthravan bhaveth.

13.The  male should sit on the left   and  worship with the right hand ,
And then he would get  all powers become rich and be  blessed with children.

14.Idham  kavacham ajnathwa  yo Japeth   dhanadham shubhe  ,
SA   Sasthragathamapnothi   so achiraanmruthyu  mapnuyath.

14.If this armour  addressed to Kubhera is   chanted  unknowingly  ,
He would  go towards   Sastras and soon embrace   death.

15.Kavechenavruthe   ithyam yathra   yathraiva gachathi .
THathra thathra mahadevi   sampoojyo   nathra  samsaya,.

15.Wherever one goes wearing   this   armour  ,
There without any doubt   the great Goddess  would be present.

Ithi  Guptha sadhana thanthrokthd Dhanadha  Kavacham  SAmpoornam.

Thus end the armour of giver of wealth which occurs in Guptha sadana thanthra.