Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bhagwat bhagwan ki hai arti,(Hindi)

Bhagwat bhagwan ki hai arti,
(The  worship of  the god of Bhagwatha)

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     (Bhagwat(a), literally    the story of God  is essentially   the story of Lord Vishnu .After  writing the 18 Puranas , Veda Vyasa was   not satisfied   and the God asked  him this great book, which is  the pinnacle of  all his work.Here is a small but soulful   song of worship of   the God of the Bhagwatha  in Hindi  used to worship  that  great book and the  God  of  that great book.)

Bhagwat bhagwan ki hai arti, -This is the worship of the   god of  Bhagwatha
Papiyon ko paap se hai tarti. –Which  helps    sinners  cross   the sins
Ye amar granth ye mukti panth, -This immortal book  is the  road to salvation
Sanmarg dikhane wala-The  one   that points  out the  good path
Bigdi ko bannae wala-The one which reconstructs  the one who is broken down
Yah Sukha karni-This   leads  to happiness
Yeh Dukh harni-This   destroys sorrow
Jagmangal ki hai Aarti-this worship is  for  the auspiciousness  of the world
Paapiyoon ko Paap se hai tarti.-And helps sinners  to cross  over sins.

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