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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendral Pancha Rathnam

Swami  Sadashiva Brahmendral    Pancha Rathnam 

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  Brahmendral was a  saint who lived   in The Thanjavur district    in the seventeenth centaury(1680-1755 or 1781) .  He was  the contemprory of the musical trinity  of Thiruvayyaru.   He  was the disciple of Parameshwara Yogeendral  who was the matadhipathi  of  the Kumbakonam mutt(57th Peetadhipathi)   at that tyime  .He believed   that  God can not only be attained   by Jnana, BHkthi and Karma Yogas  but also through Nada Yoga  .He  is supposed toi have walked nude all  over the present Kumbakonam, THanjavur and Pudul kottai districts.   Several miracles have been ascribed   to him.  He has written several philosophical treatises , a book about Peetadhipathis  of the Kumbakonam   Mutt   and 24 compositions .His compositions  are in simple sweet  and easily understandable Sanskrit  and they are  extremely sweet and mellifluous to hear. These   are the real proof of the saying
                   Japakoti gunam dhyanam - dhyanakoti gunolayas
                  laya koti gunam ganam - ganat parataram nahi ||
“Singing a song once in absolute melody is equivalent to worship of God through Dhyana  one crore times.”

 Because of that  they   are extremely popular . The Saint attained Jeeva Samadhi  in Nerur near Karur town of Tamil Nadu  .Every year  his devotees arrange   for an Aradhana to Brahmendral   at this place  . The 33rd Pontiff of The Sringeri Mutt   HH Sri Sri  SAchidananda  Shivabhinava  Narasimha Bharathi Swamigal (who lived about 100 years back ) it seems spent 4 days on the Samadhi to learn Kundalini Yoga from this great saint .Onlookers were   amazed that  the Swamigal  entered in to a conversation with Brahmendral   on the fourth day  .That great savant composed a prayer  addressed to Sadashiva Brahmendral,. From that time   , every new incumbent  for  the Sringeri Peetham visits Nerur to pay  Homage to  SAdashiva  Brahmendral  , I  consider myself as blessed  because  I had  the rare opportunity  of translating in to English   all the Krithis of  Sadashiva Brahmendral. An  AAradhanai is conducted  by the Devotees of Brahmendral every year  .In this AAradhana , five selected  songs  of the saint are sung  viz THunga tharange Gange  , Pibare Rama Rasam  , Bhajare Gopalam , Manasa  SAnchara re   and Bhaja re Yadhunatham   I am giving below the translation of Sadashivendra Brahma Rathnam  . 

Sri Sadashivendra Pancha rathna   Stotram

HH Sri Sri  SAchidananda   Shivabhinava   Narasimha  Bharathi  Swamiga

Translated by

1.Yath sandarsana mathradh  Bhakthir jathapyaviddha  karnasya,
Thatha   sandarasana madhunaa   kruthwaa   noonam  krutharthosmi

1,As soon as one  sees  devotion  flows  without stop  from the ears,
And   the honey of that visit   indeed makes me grateful.

2.Yo anisam  aathmanyeva   hyaathmaanam  sandaddhiyyam,
Basmacchanannala   yiva  jada kruthischarathi  tham noumi.

2.He   without  any stop   with his soul   bestows  on other souls,
Like the fire secretly  making the ash  and gave stunning  compositions, I salute him.

3. Yasya  vinokana mathrachethasi   sanjayathi seegram  ,
Vairagya Machala akhileshvapi   vishayeshu  , pranoumi tham yaminam

3.  He playfully    using his intelligence   with speed composes ,
In those  saintly , stable   and  universal   subjects, and I  salute that saint

4.Puratho  bhavathu   krupabdhi  pura vaira  nishta manasa  soayam,
Parama shivendra   karabja sanjatho   ya sadashivendro may  .

4.Earlier that ocean of mercy  became  himself one whose mind is absorbed by Lord Shiva,
And  this  Sadashivendra   was born out of the lotus hands  of Paramashivendra(his Guru) .

5.Unmatha   vathsancharatheeha   sishyasthavethi  lokasya  vachamsi   srunvan,
Kiddhya annu vachasya   guru  puraho hyunmathathaa  may na hi   thadruseethi.

5.That one travelled  like  a crazy one   and his disciples   were  hearing  the words of people,
And the distressed  followers  who were walking behind him did not  see  his craziness

6. Panchakam   yethath bhakthyaa slokaanam   virachitham loke  ,
Ya o padathi    sopi   labbhathe   karunaam seegram   sadashivendrasya.

6.This pentad of devotional verses  has been composed   and those people ,

Who read this   would get  quickly the mercy   of  Sadashivendra.

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