Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Maha Sakthi Venpa (Tamil)

Maha Sakthi Venpa
(The prayer   to the great power)

Mahakavi Bharathi

Translated from Tamil  by

  (Here is a great prayer to the  universal mother   who is the great power which activates everything  by The great poet  Subrahmanya Bharathi.)

1.Thannai maranthu  sakala ulaginayum,
Manna nitham Kakkum Mahasakthi-Annai  ,
Avale thunayendru   anavaradam nenjam,
Thuvalathiruthal Sukham

1,Forgetting herself completely that mighty Shakthi(power)
Protects   all the worlds and those  who  rule  them,
And it is pleasure  not  to lose our heart any time  ,
Always thinking   that  she  is our   support.

2.Nenjathjil  kavalai   nithamum payirakki  ,
Anji uyir vaazhthal   ariyamai –thanjamendre ,
Vayyam yellam kakkum maha sakthi   nallarulai,
Iyyamara  pathal   arivu.

2.It is ignorance  to  live   greatly scared ,
After growing  the crop of worries  in the mind ,
And it is wise  to catch hold   without   any doubt  ,
The divine grace of the Great  Shakthi   who protects all the world.

3.Vaiyakathukku  illai   maname!.Ninakku   nalam,
Cheyya karuthi ivai  cheppuven –Poyyillai  ,
Yellam  purakkum   irai namayum kakkumendra  ,
Chollal  azhiyum thuyar.

3.Not to the  world, oh mind , I am telling this,
To you   to do you  Good-this is  not a lie,
The  word that the “  the  God  of  all the places  ,
Would also protect us”,  would  destroy your sorrow.

4.Yennir kadangamal   yengum paranthanavai,
Vinnir   chudarkindra meenaiyellam  -panniyathor ,
SAkthiye   nammai  chamaitharhu kaan, noorandu,
Bakthiyudan vaazhum padikku.

4.That power  which created  the difficult to count stars ,
Wich are   shining   and spreading  every where  in the sky,
Has also created us so that  we would live,
For a period of humdred years   with devotion.

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