Saturday, October 1, 2016

Aarthi Sri Janak Dhulari ki

Aarthi  Sri Janak Dhulari ki
(Aarthi is for   darling daughter of Janaka.)

Translated by

(Original taken from   a book called  Devi Stotra  RAthnakara   published by Gita press  .)

Sithaji  , Raghu var pyari ki (refrain)

Sitha  the loved   one of   Lord Rama

Jagat Janani   Jag j ki vistharini  ,
Nithya sathy saketh viharini,
Magna dhayamayi , dheenodharaini  ,
Mayya  Bhakthan hithakaari  kee   (Sithaji)

Oh mother of universe, Who  looks after  the world ,
Who is the  perennial truth   and one who wandered  in Ayodhya,
 Who is immersed  in mercy and one  who lifts up those   who suffer,
Oh mother  please   do good to your devotees,

Sathi sironmani , pathi hith karini,
Pathi seva hith van-van charini,
Pathi hith   pathi  viyog   sweekarini,
THyag dharmmorathi dhariki  (Sithaji)

Og greatest among virtuous ladies, who  obeys   her husband ,
Who went  from forest to forest for the sake of her  husband,
Who  parted from her  husband    for the good  of her husband ,
And took the Form of personification   of sacrifice and Dharma

Vimal keerthi  sab lokan CChadai  ,
Naam  leth paavan   mathi aayi,
Sumirath   katath kasht dukhvaayi,
Saranagath  jan  bhay haari ki (  Sitaji)

All the people   offered her   pure fame ,
And taking her name  they  got a purified  mind,
And she   with a smile   suffered all her sorrows,
And removed the fears  of those   who surrendered to her.

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