Monday, October 31, 2016

Adhi SAnkakara's Shat Padhi

 Shat padhi
                  (The poem of six verses or The bees)
                       Adhi Shankara Bhagawat Pada,
                                Translated by

Avinayamapanaya vishno, damaya mana ,samaya vishaya mruga thrushnam,
Bhootha dayaam vistharaya, tharaya samasara sagaratha.    1

Oh my lord Vishnu, please remove my pride,
Make  my entire mind filled with  peace,
Put an end to any attraction towards animal desires,
Expand my mind with mercy to all beings,
And help me cross, this  ocean of daily life.

Divya dhooni makarande parimala pari bhoga sachidanande,
Sripathi padaaravinde bhava bhaya khedha chidhe vande.    2

I salute the lotus like feet of Vishnu,
Which cuts off  the fear and sorrow of the worldly life,
Which is like a river of holy pollen grains,
And which is with the divine scent of eternal happiness.

Sathyapi bhedhapagame  nadha thwaham na mamakeenasthwam,
Saamudhro hi tharanga kwachana samudhro na tharanga.     3

Even at the time of  true realization, when I see no differences,
I am but a part of you, and you are never my part,
For a tide is a part of the sea and sea can never be a part of the tide.

Udhruthanaga nagabhidanuja dhanukalaa mithra mithra sasi drushte,
Drushte bhavathi  prabhavathi  na bhavathi kim bhava thiraskara.  4

He who lifted the mountain,
Who is the brother of  the enemy of the mountain,
Who is the enemy of the Asura clan,
And who sees with the eyes of moon and sun,
Once you are seen , the sorrow of the world end,
And is there anything that will remain to happen?

Mathsyadhi biravathaarai  ravatharavatha avatha sadha vasudham,

Parameshwara paripalyo bhavatha bhava thapa bheethoham.      5

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