Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sri Annapurna Mahatmya in Hindi

Sri Annapurna Mahatmya in Hindi

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(This stotra was taken  from a book   called Devi Stotra Rathnakara  published by  Gita press Gorakhur)
1.Lalalchi  , Lalaath , vilalaath   , dwar-dwar dheen ,
Badan malin  , man mitai  na bisoornaa,
Thaakath  sagadh , kai bibahg kai uchchah kachoio,
Dol lol  bujath  sabadh  daal thoornaa
Pyaasehum   na paavai  baari , Bhooke na chanak   chaari ,
Chaahath   ahaaram   pahaar   dhaari dhoor naa,
Sok ko aagaar   Dukh baar baro thail jan ,
Jailon devi   dravi na  BHavani  Annapurna.

Greedy  ,wandering , begging  from  door to door,
With  dirty face , with his worries troubling his mind,,
Without strength  , Seeking places  where   there is  marriage  or  festivities,
Wandering   restlessly  here and there  near those places where there  is sound,
And enquiring  there  about   the reason  for the celebration,
Not able to get   even water   when he   is thirsty,
With his   desire  for food raising like a  mountain,
Without getting Pulses   which are strewn from  house to house,
And  depending    only deep  sorrow   is he ,
Who does not get the blessings of   Goddess Annapurna.

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