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Devi ki AArthi in Hindi

Devi ki AArthi  in Hindi

Translated  by

Aarthi keejai  , SAila suthaa ko,
Please   do Aarthi to the   daughter  of the mountain,

1.Jagadambaki , aarthi keejao,
Sneha sudha  , such sundar leejai,
Jinke naam  leth   durg bhojai ,
Iysi vah maathaa   Vasudhaa ki

1.Do worship of the  mother of universe
And get from  her  the nectar of love and beautiful truth,
Taking whose name   Say  “Durga”,
Which is the  name of mother   Vasudha

2,Papa  vinasini  , kali mal haarini,
Dhayaa mayi  , bhava sagar  tharini,
Shankh dharini , SAila viharini,
Budhi rasiGanapathi Mathaa  ki

2.She is  destroyer of sins, remover of  dirt from the mind ,
The merciful mother, The one who makes  you cross  ocean of Karma ,
The one who holds the conch, one who wanders on mountains,
And she   is the mother  of intelligent  Ganesa.

3.Simh vahini   , mathu Bhavani,
Gaurav  gaan karai  Jagakerani
Shivke hruday man ka rani  ,
Karen Aarthi   mil jul  jAaki

3.She rides   on a lion, she is mother Bhavani,
She , the  queen of the world sings the song  of respectability,
She is rge queen   of the heart   of Lord shivs,
And we would all join together  and do Aarthi  to her.

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