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Sharada Bhujanga prayathashtakam

Sharada Bhujanga prayathashtakam
(The octet to Sharada written in a meter with snake like movement)

Adhi Shankara Bhagawat Pada

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(Sharda is the goddess of the temple town of Sringeri. She is supposed to be an incarnation of Goddess Saraswathi.Adhishankara has established one of his Mutts in this town, which is in the shores of River Thunga.
 This great stotra unlike the other stotras of  Adhi Shankara is difficult to follow, though it is extremely musical. Many interpretations exist because of that. I have to a large extent followed the Tamil translation (Making changes wherever I did not agree) which appeared in Brahma Sandesam,  April 2009 issue. People who disagree with the translation are requested to pardon this ignoramus.)

Suvakshoja kumbham , sudha poorna kumbhaam,
Prasadavalambhaam , prapunyavalambaam,
Sadasyendu bhimbhaam , sadanoshta bhimbhaam,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              1

Having pot like breasts , which are  pots full of nectar,
Prepared to shower  her grace , she looks after those who do good,
And she has the form of ever glowing moon with reddish lips resembling a cherry,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Kadakshe dayardhraam , kare gnana mudhraam,
Kalabhir vinidhram , kalapai subhadhraam,
Purasthreem vinidhraam , pura sthunga bhadram,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              2

Brimming with mercy in her glance,  showing symbol of wisdom in her hands,
Always awakened  by the art forms, always wearing ornaments,
And who is the wakeful great lady and living in the shores of auspicious river  Thunga*,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.
                 * Sringeri temple is situated in the shores of Thunga and not Thunga Bhadra
                    and so I have taken one meaning of Bhadhra as auspicious.

Lalaamanga phaalaam  lasad gana lolaam,
Swabhakthaika paalaam , yasa sree kapolaam,
Kare thwaksha maalaam , kanath prathna lolaam,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              3

Wearing ornaments in her forehead, becoming ecstasic in good music,
Looking after her devotees , with two cheeks famous for their beauty,
And having garland of beads in her hand and who has deep liking for ornaments,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Su seemantha veneem drusa nirjithaineem,
Ramath keera vaneem Namath vajra panim,
Sudhamandharasyam, mudha chinthya veneem,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              4

With braided hair  parted at the middle showing hanging ornamental balls,
With playing glances of a deer and worshipped by the Devendra,
With nectar like smiling face and hair that attracts our mind,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Susantham sudeham druganthe kachanthaam,
Lasad salla thagee manthama chinthyam,
Smara thapasai sanga poorva sthitham thaam,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              5

Very peaceful, with a pretty mien , with black hair ,with eyes like that of deer,
With shining body like a tender climber, who cannot be measured by mind,
And who existed before the imaginative world of great sages,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Kurange , thurange  Mrugendre , Khagendre,
Maraale madhebhe  mahokshe adhi rodaam,
Mahathyam navamyam sada saama roopam,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              6

She who rides on a deer, horse , lion and eagle,
She who rides on the swan, the bull and the elephant,
During the nine holy days and has a very peaceful form,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Jwalath kanthi vahnim , jagan mohanaamgeem,
Bhaje maanasam bhoja subrantha brungeem,
Nija stotra Sangeetha  nruthya prabhangeem,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              7

She who is as pretty as raging fire, she whose prettiness attracts the world,
She who moves around the lotus like mind of her devotees like a bee,
And she whose luster is increased by true prayer , song and dance,
And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

Bhavambhoja nethraja  sampoojyamanam,
Lasan manda hasa prabha vakthra chihnaam,
Chlath chanchalodhara thadanga karnam,
Bhaje Saradambhaam ajasram madhambham.                              8

She who is worshipped by Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Lord Brahma,
She whose face is lighted by her lustrous smile,
And she whose prettiness is increased by the swinging ear pendants,

And I pray that mother Sharada who is forever my mother.

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