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Pithru Sthuthi

Pithru  Sthuthi

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  ( I got this rare stotra from posting  of Sri Parasuraman  Krishnamurthy  . My grateful thanks to him  . THe Tamil image of the stotra is given below.)

Sri Brahma  Uvacha:-
Lord Brahma  said:-

1,Om nama pithre, janma dathre, sarva deva mayaaya cha,
Sukhadhaya prasannaya  Supreethaaya  Mahathmane

1.Om Salutations to manes who gave  birth  to me and who are pervaded by all devas,
Who  grant  happiness to us, who are  greatly cheerful   and who  are  great  souls.

2.Sarva yajna swaroopaya  Swargaaya  Parameshtine,
Sarva theerthavalokaya   karuna  sagaraya  cha.

2.Who are  the form of all Yajnas, who are  great ones  of heaven,
Who has  seen all sacred  waters and who are also  oceans of mercy.

3.Nama sadhaa  aasuthoshaya Shiva roopaya  they nama ,
SAdaa  aparadha kshamine   sukhaya   sukhadhaya   cha

3.Salutations to you who always  pleased  easily , Salutation to them who have  the form of Lord Shiva ,
Who always pardons  our mistakes,  who live pleasantly and  also bless  us wth pleasant life.

4.Durlabham maanushamidham  yena   labdham mayaa  vapu,
SAmbhavaneeyam  dharmarthe  thasmai  pithre namo nama.

4.It is difficult  to become a human being, and how did I get this form,
And this can happen only through Dharma  and Artha  and so salutations   to the manes.

5.Theertha snana   thapo homa  japadhi  asmad darsanam,
Maha Guroscha  Gurave thasmai   pithre  namo  nama.

5.I have   bathed  in sacred waters , did  meditation , did Homa ,
Oh teacher of teacher for  the sake of you , and salutations to the manes

6.Yasya pranapa   sthavanaath   kodi cha  Pithru tharpanam ,
ASwamedha   sathair thulyam  THasmai  Pithre  namo nama.

6.By praying to you   I get  the  result of performing  one crore  tharpanas ,
And one   hundred  Aswa medha   Yagas  , Salutations to the manes.

Phala Sruthi
Hearing of benefits

1,Idham stotram   pithu  punyam ya   prayatho nara,
Prathyaham  pratharuthaaya  , pithru sradha  Dhinepi  cha

1.If this  holy prayer   addressed to the manes  is chanted by man,
Daily    as soon as he gets up   , including  the annual day of death of manes

2,SWa Janma divase   saakshaath   pithuragre sthithopi vaa  ,
Na thasya durlabham kinchid  satvajnaathi vanchitham

2.AS well as  our own birthday  or even directly standing near  the manes,
There is nothing that  he cannot get  and if he desires he would become all  knowing

3.Nanaa apakarmauthwathi ya   sthouthi pitharam sutha,
SA druvam  pravithayaiva prayachitham sukhee bhaveth

3. Even though   he has done evil deeds ,, that son who prays his manes  using this,
Would definitely  get the effect of doing redemption   and become happy.

Pithru preethi karo nithyam  sarva  karman yadarhathi

Those who make their manes happy , would be elegible to do all  rituals

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