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Jagajanani jai jai ma –Hindi Bhajan

Jagajanani  jai jai ma –Hindi Bhajan

Translated by

Hear it in voice of Anuradha Podval

1.Jagajanani  jai jai ma  ,
Jagajanani  jai jai
Bhayahaarini  , bhava tharini,
Bhavabhamini  jai jai

1.Oh Mother of universe victory, victory , oh mother,
Oh Mother of   universe victory, victory ,
Destroyer of d fear, helper to cross  Samsara,
Mistress  of welfare  , victory, victory,

2.Thu hi sath   chith sukhamai,
Shudha Brahma roopa,
Sathya  sanathan   sundar  ,
Para Shiva   sura  bhoopaa (jaga janani..)

2.You are the one pervaded with true  divine pleasre
You have the form of pure Brahmam  ,
You truth, pretty and  without roots,
You  are the mistress  of divine  Shiva and Devas.

3.AAdhi anadhi   anamay,
Avichal avinasi,
Amal  , ananth  , agochar,
Aja aanandhrasi (Jagat Janani..)

3.You are the beginning  and without beginning , free from defects,
You are stable   , you  do not have an end,
You are pure  , endless  , invisible  ,
Without birth  and a treasure of joy

4.Avikari, aghahari  ,
Akal   kaladhari  ,
Kartha   vidhi bhartha    hari  ,
Har samharakari (jagatjanani..)

4.You are without emotions  , destroyer of evil,
You wear   the moon without blemishes,
You are the one who makes  Brahma, your husband and Vishnu to act  ,
And you  are the one who destroys  along with Shiva

5.Thu Vidhi vadhu   Ramaa ,
Thu UMa mahamayaa,
Moola prakruthi vidhyaa  thu  ,
Thu janani  jaya

5.You are wife of Brahma, Lakshmi  ,
You are Parvathi the great Mayaa,
You are the innate nature , you are learning,
You are the mother   and the wife.

6.Ram , Krishn , thu sitha  ,
Vruj rani Radhaa  ,
Thu vaancha   Kalpa drum,
Haarini   SArva  Badhaa  ( Jagat Janani…)

6.You are Rama, Krishna  , You are   Sita  ,
You are  Radha  , the queen of Vruj des,
You are the wish giving Kalpaka tree,
T You are the destroyer  of all tri oubles,

7.Dasa Vidhyaa  , Nav durgaa ,
Nana  sasthrakaraa ,
Ashtamathruka  , yogini  ,
Nav nav roopa dharaa(Jagat Janani..)

7.You are the ten vidhyas , nine durgas ,
You hold different weapons  ,
You are eight mothers , eight Yoginis  ,
And you are one who take  different different forms.

6.Thu   para dham nivasini,
Maha  vilasini  thu,
Thu hi   smasan Viharini  ,
Thandav   lasini thu.(Jagat janani…)

6. You are the one who lives in divine  world  ,
You are   the great mistress,
You are the one who lives in cremation ground,
You are the one who  is an expert in  male  and female dances.

7.Sura  muni mohini  Somya  ,
Thu  shhobha dharaa ,
Vivasan   vikat  saroopaa ,
Pralayamayi dharaa

7.You are pleasant one who attracts  devas and sages,
You are  the  stream of light  ,
You are  the unclothed  gruesome form,
You are the stream of deluge

8.Thu hi sneha  sudha  mayi,
Thu athi gharalamanaa,
Rathna vibhoshit   thu hi,
Thu hi asthi   thanaa

8.You   the one pervaded by nectar   of love,
You are   the poisonous    snake,
You ony are decorated by gems,
 And you are the one with body of bones.

9.Moolaadhar nivasini  ,
Ihapara   sidhi pradhe  ,
Kalatheetha  Kali  ,
Kamala   thu var dhe.(Jagat Janani)

9.You live in Mooladhara,
And one who give power in this and b next world 
You are  Kali , the timeless one  ,
You are Goddess Lakshmi, give me boon.

10.SAkthi sakthi dhar  thu hi ,
Nithya abhedha mayi  ,
Bedha pradarsini  Vani ,
Vimale veda   thrayi.(Jagat Janani..)

10 . You are the  power and the one who has power ,
You are the one who always is undivided,
You are  Goddess Saraswathi who exhibits divisions,
Oh pure one, you are the  three  Vedas

11. Hum athi dheen dukhi ma,
Vipat jaal ghere ,
Hai kapooth athi kapati,
Par  Balak   there ,

11.I amgreatly didtressed and sad  mother  ,
Caught  in the deer net of dangers,
I  am  undutiful son who is a fraud  ,
But  I am your son.

12,Nij   swabhava vas  janani,
Dhaya   drushti keejai  ,
Karunaa kar  karunaa  mayi,
Chara n saran   dheejai.

12. Oh mother  who   has natural conduct  ,
Please see me with mercy  .
Show me mercy  , Oh Goddess pervaded with mercy  ,
Please give me protection of your feet.

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